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Wrong Side of the Pond’s American Soccer Pub Atlas


We've partnered with the American soccer blog, Wrong Side of the Pond, to help promote and contribute to their “American Soccer Pub Atlas” project. Certainly there are several listings out there (some pay-for-play and others, incomplete), but WSOTP's project is grassroots, crowd-sourced, and more specific than any other out there today.

Want soccer fans across the United States to be able to find soccer-safe-zones? Places where newbies can be introduced into the American soccer wild? Find a pub on the map for yourself and your newbies. Your local watering hole not on there? Contribute to the map as well.

All of this can be found on Free Beer Movement's “Resources” page. Not only do we have the Pub Atlas, but loads of other beer and soccer links for every FBMer from newbie to expert.

Last, but not least, check out Wrong Side of the Pond.

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