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Who We’re Buying a Beer For…. Steve Nash

The one thing we love more than drinking beer and watching some soccer is being able to share said beer with people. We do it all the time and so do the fine men and women that subscribe to the of the Free Beer Movement Philosophy. We share our beer with our friends, family, and co-workers who desperately need some education on the soccer front to understand the passion that drives our connection to the sport of soccer.

Some people already get it and they're working day in and day out to improve the atmosphere in the U.S. for soccer. Those people or groups deserve some recognition and we only know one way to say thanks.

A beer on us.

Each week we serve up a healthy dose of brewskies for the individuals and organizations that are building a foundation for soccer in America. Hey… kinda like us at the FBM!

Yeah… most of this is literary flourish, but if we were to ever run into one of our honorees, we'd be obligated to let them know that their next drink is on the Free Beer Movement. And we'd hope, dear readers, if you ever ran into one of the ladies or gentlemen you'd let 'em know the FBM owes them a beer (or better yet pick up a drink for them and send us a picture and the tab!)


The playmaker. Photo Credit: Reed Saxon (AP)

Steve Nash was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this week and while that will cause a lot of sadness amongst Phoenix Suns fans, the sport of soccer will benefit from the Canadian sharp-shooter's move to one of the most successful teams in NBA history.

Nash has already earned himself countless beers for his support of domestic soccer; we just haven't properly recognized him yet for it. Nash grew up playing soccer and showcases his skills occasionally on and off the court. Every year Nash hosts the “Showdown in Chinatown” pairing up basketball and soccer players in a match where proceeds go to the Steve Nash Foundation. He's also the part-owner of the Major League Soccer club, Vancouver Whitecaps.

His signing by the Lakers and his subsequent choosing of the “number 10” jersey solidifies his place as a true ambassador for soccer in North America. He even credits playing soccer in his youth as a vital part of becoming a great NBA player. 

“I didn't play basketball until I was 13,” Nash said. “I wouldn't have been an NBA player if I didn't play soccer,” Nash said.

Nash had to switch numbers because his old jersey number belongs to Wilt Chamberlain. The Lakers retired the “13” back in 1983.

Wearing the “number 10” as a tribute to soccer didn't go unnoticed by local and national media who quickly drew the connection between soccer and basketball with Nash's explosive ability to score and set up others.

From the Orange Country Register:

With Steve Nash’s familiar No. 13 retired in Wilt Chamberlain’s honor by the Lakers, Nash has decided he will wear No. 10 in purple and gold for the coming season. Just like all the great soccer playmakers who’ve come before him and showcased that number on the pitch. it’s a fitting choice for Nash, a soccer fanatic and the Lakers’ new point guard, as he comes to center the Lakers’ offense, which struggled late in the season to get the ball to proven scorers Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol in easy positions to do damage.

Surely NBA broadcasters and fans will make ample notice of and discuss the number change for one of the league's biggest stars. Every time that means just a little more “bonus” exposure for soccer in the United States and crossover (pun intended) appeal potential for MLS. New teammate Kobe Bryant is also a self-proclaimed footy fan (Barcelona) upping the soccer talk for sure.

So a beer for Steve Nash. The NBA's biggest soccer fan continues to go the extra mile to help grow and publicized the sport in this country. If you've got courtside seats to the Lakers this season (we're looking at you Jack Nicholson) let Steve know we owe him a beer.

Cheers, Steve!

P.S. While you're at it… hit Nash up on Twitter and tell him “Thanks for supporting soccer. The @FreeBeerMovemnt owes you a beer!”.

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