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We’ve Got History – “Dear U.S Open Cup: Happy 100th Birthday”

For many critics of the American game (among a plethora of other complaints) they cite a lack of history of the sport in the United States. But contrary to popular belief, the beautiful game was established here for much longer than most realize.

It goes past 1996 and the foundation of Major League Soccer. Past the 1960s and 70s of the New York Cosmos and the North American Soccer League. Even past Joe Gaetjens and the 1950 “Miracle on Grass”. American soccer history is long and storied; nearly as old as it's European foundations.

We've got history. It's time to tell those tales.


Say what you want about “SoccerReform”, the American soccer (anti-collectivist) crusader… he's got a deep affinity for the U.S. Open Cup.

We're not here to get into a debate about the merits of the current setup of U.S. Soccer (hear that Ted!), but this video paying tribute to American soccer's longest-running, most under-appreciated cup competition is spot on.

For the last 100 years, the U.S Open Cup has featured some of American soccer's greatest players and teams, many of them lost to the dusty shelves of libraries or buried in microfiche drawers, and they deserve credit in helping sustain American soccer in its darkest days.

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