Saturday, April 30, 2011

VIDEO – “How To Dive and Cheat” and a Few Words of Wisdom

The haters and the non-coverted point to the flopping, the complaining, the asking for cards as THE indictment of soccer. “I just can’t stand all the faking!” they scream. “How can this be a real sport when its based on conning the referee?” they question to the heavens.

News flash… we hate it, too.

Ask any soccer fan, casual or hard core, will agree that diving and faking injury in the sport is one of our blackest eyes. The deliberate acts of tricking the ref into making calls embarrass us, too.

So when the darkest corners of our sport and held up as the standard for the sport we have only one response… sarcasm and humor.

Diving and cheating are a terrible part of our game, but why allow the doubters to define our sport?

Soccer is graceful, magical, and at most times a game, of positive play. Just like the NFL is not made up of chop blocks, the NBA is not comprised of flagrant fouls, or MLB a mess of hit batters.

Two soccer fans took is upon themselves to make a humorous point and took the important first step is any problem; admitting there is one.

Which is your favorite?

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Anonymous said…

whenever people try and talk crap about diving defining the sport, i just say this: diving is cheating, taking steroids is also cheating, so should i assume that baseball is defined by steroids because of a small percentage of cheaters? no, that would be ridiculous. that usually shuts them up

Nick said…

The Ronaldo III and the 'You're Wrong' finger were absolutely priceless. In true Family Guy fashion they took the bit and ran with it, and just when you thought they would stop there they beat the dead horse, send it to the glue factory, and then beat the bottle of glue.

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