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VIDEO – Germans Love the Free Beer Movement

Photo Credit: The Guardian (UK)

It's not surprising that some of the world's greatest fans of beer are, of course, going to be fans of the Free Beer Movement. On our old site the evidence of the Germany-FBM alliance was overwhelming and we continue gathering more and more stories of “FBM in Action” in Deutchland.

Today it comes from German fans road-tripping to London for the Champions League Final between two German sides, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. As expected these fans have their priorities straight packing the luggage compartment of their tour bus with beer and not, well, luggage. That's how you spread the free beer love and soccer for sure.

Quite a turn-a-round for Bayern who we featured in 2009 as “FBM in Action” when they gave away 7,000 liters of beer to fans as an apology for their worst start to the club season in 43 years.

(h/t to “The Original Winger” for this find)

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