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VIDEO – Cascadia Supporters Group Beers Face Off

Emerald City Supporters members, Seattle Sounders player Roger Levesque, and Sounders announcer Ross Fletcher taste test Redhook Brewing Company's No Equal” Amber Lager (made for the Emerald City Supporters SG)) and Widmer Brother's Brewing Company's “Green & Gold” Kolsch (made for the Timbers Army SG).

Think they might have been a little biased?

Now we've tried both “No Equal” and “Green & Gold” and while the Sounders are having fun and games with propping up te ECS beer and burning of the TA beer they're both very well-crafted brews. 

Beer Advocate and Rate Beer both give solid ratings for ECS' amber while the TA kolsch doesn't have enough ratings to aggregate a score yet on either BA or RB they early reviews are just as positive as their Cascadia competitor.

We've always stressed at the Free Beer Movement that its completely fine to hate your opponent for those 90 minutes on the field just as long as you can share a brew before or after the match. 

Both “No Equal” and “Green & Gold” should be brews that either a Sounders fan or Timbers fan can share, and appreciate, when their beer is in the others' glass

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