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The WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas

We've partnered with the American soccer blog, Wrong Side of the Pond, to help promote and contribute to their “American Soccer Pub Atlas” project. Certainly there are several listings out there (some pay-for-play and others, incomplete), but WSOTP's project is grassroots, crowd-sourced, and more specific than any other out there today. 

Want soccer fans across the United States to be able to find soccer-safe-zones? Places where newbies can be introduced into the American soccer wild? Find a pub on the map or contribute your local watering hole by following the directions below.

Last, but not least, check out Wrong Side of the Pond.

View The WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas in a larger map

You might be thinking, “Great, another soccer bar directory on the web.” And to an extent… you’re correct. But unlike some of the other sites out there, my goal for this project is to ensure that each bar listed contains the following essential information:

*Will they open for early morning matches, and if so, how early?
*What supporters groups, if any, call the pub home?
*What’s the beer selection like?
*What soccer channels do they carry?
*Some general notes about the bar and it’s atmosphere.
*What’s their Twitter handle?

All of this — not to mention address and contact information — is stuffed into each little soccer figure in the map above. So click around, or forward to your phone, and use it as a means to track down the closest spot that provides the ultimate soccer viewing experience.

Know of a location that’s not listed, but should be? Help out your fellow fans by filling out this quick form, and I’ll have it added to the directory in short order.