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The Spilt Pint – Week Ten

By Brian Wachholz / Senior Beer Rag Correspondent

South Africa 2010.  No matter where you were in the world, when American soccer fans saw Landon Donovan's strike hit the back of the net, beer went errrrrvrywhere. The pubs erupted with World Cup joy.  Lucky for us we don't have to wait four years for an equalizing moment.  Major League Soccer is jam-packed with amazing strikes, goals, headers, and golazos. Every week there are goals that make you leap out of your seat. Since great goals often come from the most unlikely of places you're often not prepared when that beer of yours goes tumbling over in that moment of goal-scoring ecstasy.

In the spirit of these unforgettable moments, we at the Free Beer Movement offer you a fitting pairing to replace that spilt pint.  Each week we bring you a carefully selected beer to go perfectly with the best scoring moments MLS has to offer.  Enjoy responsibly.

Goal of the Week Ten: Luis Gil – Real Salt Lake


Major League Soccer fans awarded Real Salt Lake's Luis Gil the 2013 Goal of the Week Award for week #10.  The RSL midfielder headed home his second goal of the year; this time against the Vancouver Whitecaps.  In this goal sequence the ball only touches three RSL players start to finish.  It begins on the home endline with GK Nick Rimando blasting a goal kck forward across the pitch.  As the whole RSL offense bombs forward, Joao Plata catches the ball as it slows outside the Whitecaps’ 18 yard box.  He sends in the cross to a fleet-footed Luis Gil who is crashing the box like a bull in a china shop.  Gil heads the ball into the net with his last bit of energy before rolling to the ground from a collision with Joe Cannon.

This teenager is stacked to the gills with talent.  In his honor (and your soggy socks) we at the Free Beer Movement recommend you replace your “Spilt Pint” with a Ballast Point brew.  Ballast Point Brewing Co (San Diego, CA) originates from Southern California, much like our young, goal-scoring prodigy.  All of their beverages are fantastic, but the “Wahoo” Wheat Beer is the recommendation this week.  Summer is quickly approaching, so it is time to start transitioning your taste buds to the refreshing flavors of hefeweizens (as well as other summery beer categories).  We like “Wahoo” because it succinctly summarizes the end to end sprinting motion of Gil’s bombing header and subsequent spiral to the turf.

Ballast Point is available across the country at better beer stores and bars.  Pick one up today.  

Until the next one… cheers to good beer and good goals!

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