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The Spilt Pint – Week Nine

South Africa 2010.  No matter where you were in the world, when American soccer fans saw Landon Donovan's strike hit the back of the net, beer went errrrrvrywhere. The pubs erupted with World Cup joy.  Lucky for us we don't have to wait four years for an equalizing moment.  Major League Soccer is jam-packed with amazing strikes, goals, headers, and golazos. Every week there are goals that make you leap out of your seat. Since great goals often come from the most unlikely of places you're often not prepared when that beer of yours goes tumbling over in that moment of goal-scoring ecstasy.

In the spirit of these unforgettable moments, we at the Free Beer Movement offer you a fitting pairing to replace that spilt pint.  Each week we bring you a carefully selected beer to go perfectly with the best scoring moments MLS has to offer.  Enjoy responsibly.

By Brian Wachholz / Senior Beer Rag Correspondent

Goal of the Week Nine: Jonathan Osorio – Toronto FC

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Canadian dude extraordinaire Jonathan Osorio rides away with the 2013 “Goal of the Week” award for week nine.  Osorio, born in Toronto, Ontario, is plying away his debut in the league with his hometown club, Toronto FC.  This is his second goal of the season.

The play originated with a free kick in the attacking half against the New York Red Bulls.  The ball was played in to the mixer from distance, and Luis Robles whiffed the punch clearance.  The ball fell to a red foot and was instantly passed out of the box to an eager Osorio.  The rookie side stepped an on-rushing NYRB defender to give him a tiny bit of breathing room to let loose a precision strike to thread the gap between (a slightly recovered) Robles and the crossbar.

In honor of this goal and your floor-beer now seeping into the carpet, we here at the Free Beer Movement recommend you replace your spilt pint with the best of the best Canadian flavors.  Founders Brewing Company’s “Canadian Breakfast Stout” (Grand Rapids, Michigan), or CBS for short.  This brew has topped the international tasting charts with some of the highest ratings found on the interwebs.  It drips of maple and bourbon, having been aged in each before being put out to the masses.  If you are lucky enough to snag a bottle, savor it as you would Osorio’s wondrous effort.  Cheers!

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