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The Open Bar – Washington Post’s Beer Bracket

Photo Credit: Deb Lindsey/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST 


The Washington Post held a beer-tasting competition in conjunction with March Madness called “Beer Madness” that features 32 beers from 32 breweries across the United States in four categories: “crisp”, “fruit and spice”, “hop”, and “roast”.

Click here to see all the beers (featured above) and below to see the Post's interview with the host about how the competition works.


Side Note: Back in 2007 the FBM held a 64 beer bracket challenge for a bachelor party. The final four? New Glarus (WI) “Naked”, Lakefront (WI) “Riverwest Stein” Amber Lager, Lagunitas (CA) IPA, and Acme (CA) Pale Ale. Held in Milwaukee, WI, it was definitely biased towards homestate brews and our tastes have evolved even further. But we basically wanted to mention that we purchase and drank from 64 six-packs in one night. Phew….

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