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The Open Bar – This Cinco de Mayo Celebrate with a Golazo-rita

Stop. Just stop right there.

No, “Cinco de Mayo” is not Mexican Independence Day. That's September 16th; celebrating the day in 1810 that Father Miguel Hildalgo gave his “Grito de Dolores” that launched the Mexican Revolution and overthrew Spain.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican Army's defeat of French forces under Napoleon III at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Puebla is all over this, but it's not even a federal holiday in Mexico.

History lesson over.

If you're going to drink today… and we know you are…. there's no sense in settling for some piss poor, cheap Mexican lager. And surely we're about American craft beer, but we can make an exception for today.

We'd recommend an American twist on a Mexican favorite, the margarita, with a “Golazo-rita”.

We're making our mixed drink with the Seattle-based Golazo Energy and gone with the Major League Soccer sponsor el Jimador for our tequila.


1.5 oz Major League Sponsored el Jimador tequila
1/2 a lime
.5 oz Orange Liqueur
A squeeze of agave nectar
3 oz of Golazo

Muddle lime. Add ice, Tequila, liqueur, and agave. Shake. Serve over ice and add Golazo.

For more information about Golazo…check out their website at:

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Check out all the great FBM gear in our "Swag Store".

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