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The Open Bar – Now You Can Plan Your Ultimate Brewery Roadtrip

Last week the Brewers Association released their list of “Top 50 Craft Breweries in America of 2011” (based on sales volume) to much fanfare. Your top five remaines unchanged from last year including: Boston Beer Co (Samuel Adams), Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, The Gambrinus Company (Bridgeport, Shiner, Pete's Wicked), and Deschutes.

Of the top 50, thirty six are small, independent craft brewing. Another fun fact? In the last fifteen years, craft beer has increases its market share from one percent to over six percent. 

Facts and figures are all fun and games, but really you're wondering… “How the heck can I get to all of these mini-beer heavens?

Wonder no more.

An enterprising beer writer (with a bit too much time on her hands) put each of the top 50 into Google Maps so you can see the spread of these breweries nations-wide. More importantly though….

Photo Credit: Heather Vandenengel for Dig Boston

Road trip!

Heading over to the Google Map you can click on any of the 50 breweries and get directions from where you are to where you need to be, like yesterday.

Stop wasting time. Quit your job and get on the road.

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Check out all the great FBM gear in our "Swag Store".

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