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The Open Bar – Breweries of the United States Poster from Pop Chart Lab

UPDATE: We've sent an email to the creators of the poster to alert them to the numerous errors we and members of “Beerit” have spotted on the poster. They've suspended production of the print until they've re-done the whole thing. Thanks to everyone here and on Reddit for the help in making this one of the most comprehensive craft brewery posters in the United States.

If you're not already clicking through to buy this we'll just assume it's because you're stunned at its beauty and need a second.

“Pop Chart Lab”, the makers of other awesome beer art like “The Many Varieties of Beer” (t-shirt or print) or the sold out “Breweries of Colonial America” has just released “Breweries of the United States, a massive seven square foot masterpiece of craft beer (and macros) in America.

Last week we learned that craft breweries in the U.S. broke 2,000 and so a few here and there might be missing, but such a project is always going to have a few hiccups and be dated.

Head over to “Pop Chart Lab's” site and you can zoom on the map and see all the little dots and breweries in detail.

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Check out all the great FBM gear in our "Swag Store".

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