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The Open Bar – American Craft Beer Week (May 14-20)

For those long-time readers and followers of the Free Beer Movement you've probably figured out that we're pretty big advocates of not only American soccer, but American craft beer. It's not that we don't partake in the consumption of the Millers, Budweisers, and the Coors of the world.. it's just that as we want more from our sporting experience we also want more from our imbibing experiencing.

The Brewers Association feels the same way and that's why in 2006 they created “American Craft Beer Week” to promote and celebrate the beauty that are craft beers, the breweries that make them, and the establishments that serve them. Cities across the nation host “beer weeks” to highlight craft beer and local bars and this is supposed to be “the mother of all beer weeks”. According to BA over 1,500 official events in 50 states were held in 2011.

For 2012 “American Craft Beer Week” is going to be even bigger. On the BA website you can search for events near you and also by specific brewery. Even if there are only a few events (or none at all) listed in your city definitely hit up the web to search for unlisted or unoffical events. Or contact your local brewery or craft beer bar to check.

Lastly, do yourself a favor and download a copy of the “Declaration of Beer Independence”

The Declaration of Beer Independence has been an integral part of American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) since 2009. It has been signed and shared by tens of thousands of passionate and thirsty beer lovers, hung on the walls of brewery tap rooms across the country, and even carried through the halls of Congress. It also can be seen on display in forward thinking retail establishments, further confirming the importance of diversity in the beer marketplace.

At the very least grab yourself a few six packs and celebrate with some craft beers this week. When you're watching soccer this weekend treat those newbies to the same in your home, at a bar, or your next tailgate.


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Check out all the great FBM gear in our "Swag Store".

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