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VIDEO – Another Sweet NBC Sports Network MLS Promo

Another promo from NBC Sports Network for their Major League Soccer coverage

All rise.

Is there anything more to be said?

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VIDEO – RIP Giorgio Chinglia and 50 Goals

Giorgio Chingalia an American soccer legend passed away yesterday at age 65. An instrumental part of American soccer history he tallied 193 goals (and 43 in the playoffs) for the iconic New York Cosmos.

In 1980 he scored 50 (50!) goals for the Cosmos.

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Snorting The Endline – Kei Kamara’s Irish Jig

A long, long time ago we tried to start a soccer website; thought we were writers or something….
It was called “Snorting the Endline” named after Robbie Fowler's infamous goal celebration and one of our favorites of all-time. That site failed miserably. I mean who would want to read our ramblings!?!?!
The name, however, will live on in a new feature we're bringing to the Free Beer Movement. American soccer culture is just as much about what happens on the field and some of the greatest contributions to this culture are the creative celebrations that occur during the aftermath of scoring a goal. Some are premeditated while others are spur-of-the-moment.
We want to capture all of them in recognition of their contribution to American soccer culture. Welcome to “Snorting the Endline.”


Sporting KC made easy work of the New England Revolution, winning 3-0, but it was the second goal of the match that celebrated in the St. Patrick's Day spirit by Kei Kamara.
Kamara is no stranger to silliness and his rebound goal off his own shot proved to be the perfect opportunity to dance away the Irish holiday.
Kamara slid to the turf, but then popped up and ran to the signboards in front of the “Caudron” supporters section where forward C.J. Sapong joined him. Two “Irish” hats were tossed from the crowd and the pair danced a little jig.
Surprisingly, no cards were issued by the ref!

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VIDEO – The upside of those silly sideline coaches’ interviews

American sports TV producers think fans love to hear coaches talk about what's going right and what's going wrong. And while there's nothing objectionable about these types of interviews, they usually result in empty cliches and lack any real insight into a coach's or team's mindset.

In most sports these interviews take place as the football or basketball coach is heading into the locker room or return from it on either side of halftime, but since soccer's action is continuous and there's a need to air commercials and halftime highlights and plugs the sideline interview takes place in-game.

Usually they're just as mundane as their other sporting counterparts, but this time Portland Timbers' head coach John Spencer provided the small upside when Darlington Nagbe picked up the equalizer against FC Dallas last night's 1-1 game in the middle of one of these in-game chit chats

Loads of euphoria.

American soccer is pretty cool.

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VIDEO – Highlights from MLS “First Kick”

Goooooooaaaaaals! Saaaaaaaaves! Taaaaaaackles! You get the idea. All the cool stuff from week one of Major League Soccer.

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VIDEO – “Vince Lombardi on Clint Dempsey”

Starting your morning with this cool, fan-made video combining the powerful words of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi and the power play of legendary “football” Clint Dempsey.

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VIDEO – USMNT U23s Vs. Mexico “Behind The Scenes”

We posted this not only because it's another “Dos a cero” against Mexico (hey, even at the youth level we'll take it), but for the complete performance that the Baby Nats put in against our CONCACAF rivals.

There's a mentality that is spreading in this U.S. program. Growing that we, too, can play a tactical, dominating, possession-style. Combine that with our inherent emphasis on athleticism and an ingrained “never-say-die” attitude and we've got a National Team, at all levels, to be reckoned with.

Listen to Coach Caleb Porter pre-game talk and try and argue that a change isn't happening:

“Let's go out and play. Let's be confident. We play to win today. We play to win. Alright, let's make them deal with us. We play to our potential they cannot play with us.
That's belief you have to have. That's the confidence you have to play with. We're strong. We're athletic. We play too good of football. We're technical. Alright?
We're going to make it difficult for them on both sides of the ball. We're going to control them game. We're going to defend. Battle! When we have the ball, open up, play, move the ball, be confident.
Everything on the line here.”

That's a talk you don't hear everyday from a USMNT coach.

Times. They're a-changin'.

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VIDEO – “MLS Paradise”

Our friend Jay Bell put together this cool video to get you pumped up for MLS “First Kick”.


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VIDEO – NBC Sports MLS Promo “Stand”

Like it? We made it. NBC… call us!

The new NBC Sports Network just keeps cranking out the fantastic Major League Soccer promos for the upcoming 17th season. Whoever is behind them in the NBC marketing department is nailing it.

Each of the ads we've seen now have really touched a chord with us and the greater American soccer community. The dedication in tapping into the core elements of what makes this sport great is on display with each of their spots. And it all started with a tiny, 20 second promo during a National Football League game to really get American soccer fans thinking that maybe, this time, a sports network would be good to us. Because we've been hurt before.
Then came the “warm up” commercial featuring a few of the lesser-known members of the Los Angeles Galaxy (basically anyone not named Donovan, Beckham, or Keane) which touched a hopeful, yet down-to-earth approach. Signalling that NBC was, perhaps, going to spend good time building the narrative of the players of this league (a good thing for newbies to American soccer).
The last ad we saw from NBC Sports was, of course, the “dangling piece of meat” spot focusing on the momentary, yet massive battle for time and space that is a corner kick. A video that appealed both to the veteran fan for its poetic nature of the event and the newbie that could explain how what seems to the untrained-eye as an inconsequential event it actually one of great importance.
By the time their fourth advertisement hit today it was pretty much a given that the camera would be turned from the field to the stands. Much like the corner kick ad, the appeal in NBC's approach is a powerful narrative that can move both novice and passionate supporter at the same time. A tough balance to strike to engage someone who knows less about soccer or American soccer and the died-hard, but the evolution of these ads proves that it can be done.
Check it out (if it doesn't play:… try directly on the MLS website)

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VIDEO – The Entire MLS Cup ‘96? Yes, Please!

John Harkes, lifting the first MLS “Cup”

Seventeen years ago seems like a long time. In soccer history, though, it is just a drop in the bucket. For Major League Soccer seventeen years means everything.

In 1996 our domestic league was in its infancy. A Washington D.C. club with a European-sounding “United” slapped on the end faced off against the “Galaxy” (an American sports team name if you've ever heard one) of Los Angeles on a soggy football field in Boston, Massachusetts.

Years later we would call the '96 D.C. United one of the league's most successful teams, and the beginning of its first dynasty. LA would have to wait six years for their first title and, in 2011, perhaps a shot a establishing their own domestic reign.

Eddie Pope would etch his name (and D.C. United's on the “cup”) in the early lore of MLS history with his dramatic, extra-time winner, bringing United back from a 2-0 deficit in the final 17 minutes, to win 3-2.

Seventeen. There's that number again. A fine number to remember such an amazing part of American soccer history.

A YouTube channel called “Kick” has uploaded the entire MLS Cup 1996 (and several other “classic” matches) for your viewing pleasure (below). If you've seen it before… watch it again. If you're newer to MLS and American soccer it's required viewing to understand how far we've come in such a short time.

Seventeen years isn't too long after all.

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