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CONTEST – Win the New U.S. Away Jersey from Soccer Pro and FBM

“Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and for?”

Yup… the ice cream truck is around the corner with some Bomb Pops!

In this case the ice cream man is actually Soccer Pro and they're giving away one of the new USMNT (or USWNT) away jerseys for our followers on Twitter.

How can you win?

Follow the Free Beer Movement and Soccer Pro on Twitter and then tweet the following:

“I want @FreeBeerMovemnt and @SoccerPro to hook me up with the new #USMNT away jersey. #FBMContest”

We'll pick a winner on Thursday and announce on Friday who will be sporting the new shirt in the stands (or chasing the ice cream truck!).

Good luck!

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#ItAllStartsHere…. With A Beer

Editor's Note: I don't often post personal items on the Free Beer Movement site. The FBM, is, after all, a grassroots organization, so by definition is about the people and their actions that define us. That being said there are times I like to drop in to share a few things about myself, my ideas, and my hopes and dreams for soccer in America. 

Today is one of those days. Lucky you.

Major League Soccer is running a contest called #ItAllStartsHere where American fans share their stories of their soccer beginnings. I'm not interested in the prizes, but it certainly inspired me to think about where the Free Beer Movement all started. 


By Dan Wiersema / Founder, Free Beer Movement

I wasn't born with a ball at my feet. I was awkwardly introduced to soccer during my middle school years after it became very obvious that there was no hope for me in pretty much every other sport. 

I was a serviceable defender, then a serviceable midfielder, then a serviceable forward. Then I wasn't. In high school the starting goalkeeper found himself on the receiving end of too many knocks and so, I, in a desperate attempt at getting some playing time clocked in between the pipes. I never returned to wearing the same shirt as my teammates again. 

But you didn't stop by to hear about my mediocre playing career.

You're here for the beer. 

When I travel to soccer games around the country a lot of people ask me, “Where did the Free Beer Movement start?” That question is usually before or after another common question, “Can I get you a beer?”. They're both delightful questions because I love telling the FBM story and, well, I love beer. 

What up Naperville? Home of the Chicago Fire from 2002-03.


I remember the first season of Major League Soccer back in 1996. I ended up with a full-page ad from USA Today with all these American and international stars on it, one per club, plastered across it. That “poster” hung on a closet door for years (I wish I still had it.. the flowing locks of Lalas and Valderrama… Wynalda, Harkes, the whole denim bridage from '94). But I was a terrible American soccer fan.

My parents bought my a USMNT replica t-shirt jersey (they had a knack for that… I also owned a Florida Marlins t-shirt jersey… cheapskates) that I wore with pride until, when watching the 1998 World Cup in a bar in Hungary (at 15… the beer flowed early), the Steve Sampson squad embarrassed themselves, and more importantly, me in front of all these Europeans.

The stage was set for me to go full-on EuroSnob. 

My first soccer jerseys were a 1998 Netherlands jersey (I'm Dutch by heritage), a Chelsea jersey, and a Michael Owen Liverpool shirt. I was lost. Clearly directionless when I came to my fandom… desperate to latch onto any shiny object of Euro-success that I caught wind of. 

Then the 1999 Women's World Cup happened. USA! USA! USA! My faith in American soccer restored. The women's national team saved my fledging American soccer fandom. I've documented my love of the USWNT before, but it doesn't do justice to the fact that if it weren't for Hamm, Akers, Foudy, Scurry, and Chastain… there would be no Free Beer Movement. 

So I was (kinda-sorta) an American soccer fan again. The Chicago Fire joined MLS. I attended a bunch of games. Born and raised in Wisconsin this was my closest club, but…. a Chicago team? This was a bridge too far. My MLS fandom waned.

Enter the 2002 World Cup. Early mornings! Take that Portugal! Take that Mexico! Germany…. screw you!

Dan… you still haven't mentioned beer yet. You're droning.

Yes. Yes. The beer.

MLS, the USMNT, and the USWNT all floated in and out of my soccer life. FIFA entered. College soccer… playing more than ever before; coaching soccer, too, but I still wasn't the greatest fan. I was also a crappy beer drinker. High Life's and slaying werewolves with the “Silver Bullet”. Sigh…

Honduras, 2008. Early victims of the not-yet created FBM.


Then I moved to Honduras in 2008. There's nothing like living in a futbol-mad country to reassess your personal fandom. Back then, before leaving the United States, I thought I was a pretty good fan, but clearly I was wrong. I followed the Honduran national team and the local Liga Hondureno with zest (as much as my poor Spanish would allow). Los Catrachos were on the cusp of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup and when they did (Gracias, Jonathon Bornstein) the nation went bonkers. 

I returned to the U.S. a year later having irreversibly changed my perception as to what kind of soccer fan I thought I was. Because I wasn't one really. What had I really done to help turn the United States into a country like Honduras where the sport flowed in the streets and in the veins of nearly every person?

Nothing. There were builders of American soccer. Those who took up banners and flags when Major League Soccer started in 1996. I had a newspaper clipping on my door. Those who gravitated to the sport in the league's darker days around the turn of the millennium. I was nowhere to be found.

But now it was 2009 and up until that point I had done precious little for soccer in America. 

Dan! Beer!

Yes, the beer.


Before I moved to Honduras I lived in Milwaukee, “the Good Land”, where my craft beer education began. Living down the street from Lakefront Brewery changed my perception of what beer was and having moved to Honduras, a craft beer desert, during these formative years, put a damper on my growth. 

Having returned to the land of the free and the home of the brave and settling in Austin, Texas I had dual goals: be a better soccer fan and consume as many of the diverse options that the craft brewing world would possible allow me.

The Free Beer Movement was born. At first a personal journey of my own soccer and beer exploration. Then a resource for others who might also be following my same enlightened path.

Mrs. FBM's first USMNT match. January 2010. She got me into craft beer. I got her into soccer.


Since the founding of the FBM I've attended dozens of matches from the NPSL to MLS to NWSL to USMNT/USWNT, I hold season tickets to my local Austin Aztex, and have probably tried countless thousands of unique beers from around the country and the world. 

More importantly, though, is that it wasn't just about me anymore either. It was the invitation extended to friends, family, or even a stranger in the barstool next door to have a free beer and join me on my soccer journey. I didn't just need to be a better soccer fan myself, but I needed to be a better ambassador for soccer as well. 

Most importantly, though, is the discovery of hundred if not thousands of like-minded fans who believe in the power of the pint to build American soccer. That something as simple as a free beer offer (and a bit of educator alongside it) can transform a sport. 

It's a Movement that has re-defined what it means to be more than a fan and to help “build American soccer one beer at a time”. The success stories come in bunches to FBM HQ from East Coast to West Coast and what started as a silly idea now has a serious goal.

Now the Free Beer Movement isn't so much about me anymore. And that's a good thing. I mean, someone still has to bang at the keyboard, but it has taken on a life of its own with empowered American soccer evangelicals (polite and not too pushy I hope) taking charge of their own destiny, growing the game, and enjoying a few beers with a few new fans along the way.

That's the essence of the Free Beer Movement. One game. One newbie. One offer. A chance to build American soccer. #ItAllStartsHere…. with a beer. 

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The After Bar: USWNT 5 – South Korea 0

Little else needs to be said about this game. It was all Abby Wambach. Not just in the sense that she dominated the first half, scoring four goals, but that she smashed Mia Hamm's and international soccer's (both male and female) all-time goal scoring record. Lauren Cheney would add one to the total tally as the United States women's national team thrashed South Korea 5-0 ar Red Bull Arena.

Wambach started the match just two shy of typing Hamm's mark and it took her less that twenty minutes to reach those 158 goals. Before most could finish Tweeting out their congratulations for reaching the record Abby broke it was a trademark smashing header. One more in first half stoppage time and the new international record stands at 160 goals (and counting). The amazing thing about Wambach is that she was able to meet Hamm's record in 207 games significantly under the 275 that it took Mia.

Cheers Abby!



Abby Wambach Tribute Video from U.S. Soccer:


Recap and analysis from some of American soccer's best sites/writers:

Jeff Kassouf (NBC Pro Soccer Talk) – “Legacies of Wambach, Hamm, Morgan intertwine — just as they’d like them to”

Jeff Kassouf (NBC Pro Soccer Talk) – “Always the focal point of the attack, Wambach exceeds all expectations in breaking goals record”

Grant Wahl (Sports Illustrated) – “With record-breaking goal, Abby Wambach becomes one of the greats”

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The After Bar: USWNT 3 – Canada 0

The women's national team provided the icing on the cake for the United States' soccer Centennial celebration beating Canada 3-0 in Toronto.

The first half wouldn't see any goals from a resolute Canadian defense, but all of that good work was undone as Alex Morgan scored twice in about two minutes midway through the second half and Sydney Leroux tallied a goal in stoppage time.

The Lady Nats will face South Korea in a pair of matches later this month; June 15th in Boston and June 20th in New Jersey.

Alex Morgan's First Goal:


Alex Morgan's Second Goal:


Sydney Leroux's Goal:


Post-Game Quote Sheet


Analysis from some of American soccer's best writers:

Richard Farley (Pro Soccer Talk) – “Five takeaways from the United States’ win over Canada”

Jeff Kassouf (Equalizer Soccer) – “Morgan, Leroux lift US women over Canada”

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The After Bar – USWNT 3 – Germany 3

The United States women's nation team kicked off their European tour with a barn-buring 3-3 draw against Germany. The match coincided with U.S. Soccer's 100th anniversary as well. Germany fought back twice (down 1-0 and 3-1) to earn a share of the result in a battle between women's soccer's number one and number two teams.

Abby Wambach scored her 155th career goal (just three shy of Mia Hamm's total mark) while Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan also made the scoresheet with great goals.

The USWNT will face the Netherlands Tuesday afternoon at 12pm CT. The match will stream for free on and

Highlights and Player Reaction/Breakdown:



Analysis from some of women's soccer's best writers:

Jeff Kassouf (Equalizer Soccer) – “Late surge sees Germany end level with USWNT”



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The After Bar: USWNT 2 – Germany 0

Alex Morgan broke out of her “slump” (come on…  she took a knock and other, younger starlets were getting a roll out) banging home a pair of goals to lead the United States women's national team 2-0 over Germany and the Algarve Cup title.

It was the USWNT's ninth Algarve Cup win and the first trophy under new head coach Tom Sermanni.

Highlights, reaction, and analysis below.

Other News:

– USWNT defender Heather Mitts announces her retirement, will join the Philadelphia Union broadcasting team

Former USWNT coach Pia Sundhage, and notorious guitar player during her reign, released her first single in her native Sweden




Analysis from some of women's soccer's top writers:

Richard Farley (NBC Pro Soccer Talk) – “German mistakes, Alex Morgan finishing give U.S ninth Algarve Cup title”

Jeff Kassouf (Equalizer Soccer) – “Morgan strikes twice as United States beats Germany, wins Algarve Cup”

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The After Bar – USWNT 3 – Scotland 1

Abby Wambach got her 200th cap and her 153rd international goal to lead the United States women's national team to a 3-1 victory in the “second leg” in a pair of friendlies versus Scotland. Megan Rapinoe added a first half goal and Christine Press followed up her impressive Lady Nats debut with another goal in the second half in front of over 14,000 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Wambach's goal puts her juve five behind Mia Hamm's career record, a mark the Rochester, New York native is sure to break this year. Press became the only USWNT player to score three goals in her first two matches. Lastly, super-sub Sydney Leroux made her first career start for the women.

Next up, the USWNT travel to Portugal in late February for the prestigious women's tournament, the Algarve Cup, where they will face Sweden, China, and Iceland in their opening group starting on March 6th.


(coming soon)


Post-Match Quotes/Reaction:


Abby Wambach's 200th Career Cap (Studio 90):


Analysis from some of women's soccer's best writers:

Richard Farley (NBC Sports): “What we learned from the United States' latest 3-1 win over Scotland”

Jeff Kassouf (Equalizer Soccer): “Wambach scores number 153, in 200th cap, as US downs Scotland”

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The After Bar – USWNT 4 – Scotland 1

The United States women's national team made new coach Tom Sermanni's debut a happy one cruising to a 4-1 win over Scotland. In front of over 18,500 in Jacksonville, Florida the Lady Nats opened 2013 and began their run up to next month's Algarve Cup.

A more impressive debut, though, was Christen Press, the 2010 Herman Trophy winner from Stanford, bagged two goals. Shannon Boxx and Sydney Leroux added to the score line as well. 

The USWNT also happily welcomed back defender Ali Krieger out since last year's Olympic qualifying tournament with an ACL injury. 

USA will face Scotland Again on Wednesday, February 13 in Nashville, Tennessee, with a live stream at 7 p.m. CT.



Post-Match Quotes/Reaction:


Analysis from some of women's soccer's best writers:

Richard Farley (NBC Sports) – “Assessing the aftermath of Christen Press's bombshell debut”

Richard Farley (NBC Sports) – “What we learned from the U.S.'s win over Scotland”

Mike McCall (Sports Illustrated) – “Krieger's return sparks U.S. by Scotland in Sermanni's debut”

Jess Fainberg (Equalizer Soccer) – “U.S. down Scotland, 4-1, Press with brace”

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NEWS – USWNT’s Alex Morgan as Katy Perry for ESPN Magazine’s “Music Issue”

Photo Credit: ESPN / Matthius Clamer

The United States women's national team forward Alex Morgan took to the pages of the ESPN Magazine “Music Issue” along with several other athletes to re-create some famous covers from music history. Morgan posed as Katy Perry marrying our two favorite things IN ALL OF THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. 

(Deep breaths…..)

The Original Katy Perry Cover (Photo Credit: BMI Entertainment)

Photo Credit: Nancy Wiesman

Photo Credit: Nancy Wiesman

Photo Credit: ESPN / Matthius Clamer




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VIDEO – All 120 USWNT 2012 Goals

120 from shandonfan on Vimeo.

Lady Nats just straight BOSSING the world. Scoring 120 goals against opponents in 2012 via the various international friendlies, the Olympic Qualifying Tournament, the London Olympics, and their Gold Medal Victory Tour.

Here's every strike from a great year.

(H/T to the always amazing “The Offside Rules” who's like a gopher digging up great soccer stuff)


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The After Bar: USWNT 2 – Germany 2

Abby Wambach moved within ten goals of tying Mia Hamm's all-time U.S. (and global) goal scoring record with her 148th goal (a hustle diving header) late in the first half. Tobin Heath added a second in the 67th minute after Alex Morgan made an incredible endline run and cut-back cross to get the ball in front of goal. Both tallies wouldn't be enough as Dzenifer Marozsan fueled Germany with a brace. The fifth match of the Lady Nats' “Fan Victory Tour” ended in a 2-2 draw in front of a soaked crowd of over 18,000 in Connecticut.

Full Highlights:


Post-Match Quote Sheet

Analysis from some of women's soccer's best writers:

Jeff Kassouf (NBC Sports) – “Another draw, a little more possesion for U.S. women in 2-2 draw with Germany”

Other News:

– USSF President Sunil Guilati says announcement on next USMNT could happen in “the next 10 days”.

– Pia Sundhage won her first game as Sweden's national team coach, 3-0 over Switzerland.

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The After Bar: USWNT 6 – Australia 2

The U.S. women's national soccer team made one last emphatic statement under head coach Pia Sundhage, scoring five unanswered goals to thrash Australia 6-2 at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Colorado.

Alex Morgan had a pair of goals and Abby Wambach, Heather O'Reilly, Shannon Boxx, and Sydney Leroux all made the scoresheet. 

The Lady Nats will face Germany next from Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL led by the assistant coaches or perhaps the new national team leader.


Pia on Guitar:


Analysis from women's soccer top writers:

Beau Dure: “A farewell to Pia: What she changed, what she didn’t”

Jeff Kassouf: “Sundhage era ends with 6-2 trouncing of Australia”

NBC Sports: “Morgan helps U.S. to 6-2 win over Australia”

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The After Bar: USWNT 2 – Australia 1

Australia proved to be a much sterner test for the U.S. women's national team than Costa Rica, but once again showed some of the same grit and determination that made this gold medal tour possible, coming from down a goal to win 2-1 at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. The world-ranked ninth Aussies rattled the post twice in the opening half before taking the lead in the 34th minute. Alex Morgan tied the match up ten minutes into the second half and then drew a penalty in the 63rd minute. Second half substitute Shannon Boxx nailed the penalty to take the lead and secure the win.

The Lady Nats improves to 22-1-1 in 2012 and faces Australia once again on Wednesday, September 19th, at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado The match will be the final game in charge for head coach Pia Sundhage who will take over the Swedish national team in December. The match will be at 9pm CT on ESPN2.


Post-Game Quotes


Leanne Elston (MLS Reserves) – “U.S. defeat Australia, 2-1”

Dana Lancaster (Aerys Sports) – “U.S. Women Write a Tale of Two Halves in Comeback Win vs Australia”

Pic of the Match:

Megan Rapinoe jumps the signboards and heads into the Home Depot Center crowd to sign autographs after the match.

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The After Bar: USWNT 8 – Costa Rica 0

Yes! The shoe shine celebration! (Photo Credit: inourfinalhour.tumblr)

The United States women's national team played their first match after winning gold in the 2012 London Olympics, and kicked off theif “Fan Tribute Tour” with a bang , defeating Costa Rica 8-0. Abby Wambach notched a pair of goals in front of her hometown crowd, while Megan Rapinoe (2), Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux, Carli Lloyd, and Heather O'Reilly contrbuted to the smashing win as well.

The win was overshadowed by the announcement earlier in the day that coach Pia Sundhage would soon be stepping down as head coach of the USWNT to pursue options in her home country. Last night the Associated Press was already reporting that Sundhage will take over the Swedish National Team on December 1st.

The Lady Nats will face Australia on the next stop of their Tribute Tour on Sunday, September 16th at the Home Depot Center at 10:30am CT.


Analysis from some of the women's game best writers:
– Steve Davis (NBC Sports): “U.S. women crust Costa Rica”
– Jeff Kassouf (Sports Illustrated): “The legacy of Pia”

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VIDEO – USWNT “The Redeemers”

Since NBC and the International Olympic Committee has put such a stranglehold on the highlights and footage of the 2012 London Olympics getting quality complication videos is quite a chore.

We're not sure how long this video will stick around, but it's got all the goods of a solid gold medal wrap up vid: dramatic music, slow-motions, pained-then-triumphant looks, and more.

It might even bring a tear to your eye… at least until the medal ceremony music.

Also, the ending is sweet.

The footage makes us think that the Lady Nats might be heading not to Canada for the 2015 Women's World Cup, but invading Russian in the winter a la Napoleon or Hitler.

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The After Bar – USWNT 2 – Japan 1

True grit, and a little luck, propelled the United States women's national team to gold medal glory at the 2012 London Olympics. Carli Lloyd was the unlikely hero of the match, scoring both goals to lead the Lady Nats to a tight 2-1 win. Several fantastic Hope Solo saves, a few shots aided by the cross bar and some last-ditch defending from her back line helped perserve the lead throughout the match.

The victory over Japan somewhat avenges their Women's World Cup Final loss from last summer where the USWNT gave up a late equalizer and then fell in penalty kicks. It seemed as though the match might also be heading that way when, in the 83rd minute, captain Christine Rampone handed a pass sloppily and turned the ball over to an on-rushing Japanese attack. Solo was up to the task parring away the shot and putting the game on ice.

The USWNT will return home and complete a “victory tour” game series that starts in Abby Wambach's home of Rochester, New York on September 1st and stretches across ten matches total.


Viewable on the NBCOlympics website only.


Bob Costas interviews the team from the NBC Olympics studio.

Part One

Part Two

Analysis from women's soccer's best writers:

Grant Wahl (Sports Illustrated) – “Four Thoughts on USA 2 – Japan 1” and “U.S. women's fourth gold medal a team effort in the truest sense” 

Jenna Pel (NBC Sports Network) – “Staying golden: The U.S. prevail over Japan to clinch fourth Olympic gold medal”

Jeff Carlisle (ESPN) –  “Closure for U.S.” (player grades as well)

Jason Gay (Wall Street Journal) – “On a team of stars, star was the team”

New York Times – “Passing Patterns of the U.S.'s Top Playmakers”

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The After Bar – USWNT 4 – Canada 3

When it comes to knock out games, the U.S. women's national team certainly like late game heroics. In the 2011 Women's World Cup it was Abby Wambach in the 122nd minute against Brazil and yesterday it was Alex Morgan and the 123rd minute against cross-border rivals Canada. Morgan's goal propelled the USWNT to a 4-3 win and secured a berth in the Olympics goal medal match.

Canada's Christine Sinclair absolutely bossed the Lady Nat's defense, carving up the back line for the game's opening goal and heading home another pair. Three times the USWNT came back, twice from incredible goals by Megan Rapinoe, once through a controversial call that set up an Abby Wambach penalty, and then Morgan's header to complete the comeback. Morgan has scored 20 goals in 2012, becoming only the sixth U.S. player to do so in a single year. Wamach's penalty kick was her fifth goal of the tournament in five matches.

The gold medal match between the U.S. and Japan kicks off at 1:45 pm CT on Thursday, August 9th, at Wembley Stadium in London. The match will be televised on the NBC Sports Network.


NBC Olympics link (rights prevent any clips from being shared)


​Post-game quotes from coach Pia Sundhage and players

Analysis from women's soccer's best writers:

Jeff Carlisle (ESPN) – “Fearless attitude key to epic win”

Jenna Pel (NBC Sports) – “The USWNT's lucky number 13 saves the day again”

Grant Wahl (Sports Illustrated) – “Morgan's game winner caps off thrilling U.S. victory over Canada”

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The After Bar: USWNT 1 – North Korea 0

They're not all going to be pretty and the U.S. women's national team final Olympic group game, a 1-0  decision over North Korea, fit the bill of a solid, but tough win. 

A physical North Korea was helped by the right goal post that saved two shots, but Alex Morgan's hold up play allowed Abby Wambach to slipt through the defense and hammer home the game's lone goal. It was Wambach's 141st international goal, leaving her just 17 shy of USWNT legend Mia Hamm's all-time mark (and she's played 90 less matches).

The Lady Nats will face New Zealand at 8:30am CT in the quarterfinals from St. James Park in Newcastle, England (NBC Sports Network, NBC Soccer Channel, NBC Live Extra (web)).


NBC and the Olympics have restricted “sharing” and what-not. Here's the link to the NBC page.


Analysis from women's soccer's best writers:

​Grant Wahl (Sports Illustrated) – “U.S.-North Korea match headlines historic day for women's soccer”

Jeff Carlisle (ESPN) – “U.S. Women still perfect”

Jenna Pel (NBC Sports) – “U.S. runs the table”

Jason Gay (Wall Street Journal) – “New World Order at Old Trafford”

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The After Bar – USWNT 3 – Colombia 0

Not every U.S. women's national team game is going to feature both an Alex Morgan AND Abby Wambach goal, but you're usually good for at least one of them finding the back of the net. It took Megan Rapinoe's first goal of the 2012 London Olympic tournament to kickstart an eventual 3-0 win, but for long stretches of the match it looked at though the Colombians, with their heavy (and sometimes too aggressive) pressure would make this a much tougher battle than the Lady Nats expected.

Wambach took a unsportsman-like punch to the face on a run to goal, but later returned the favor by scoring the USWNT's second, knockout goal that flattened the Colombians and left them vulnerable for a final Carli Lloyd strike.

The win means the USWNT goes atop their Olympic group and advances to the quarterfinals without needing a single point from their last match against North Korea, losers against France yesterday.


Click here for highlights from

Post-Match Reaction:

Quote sheet from post-game presser.

Analysis from women's soccer's best writers:

Grant Wall (Sports Illustrated) – “Wambach bruised, closing in on history as U.S. beats Colombia”

Jerry Hinnen (CBS Sports): “Rapinoe Makes Her Mark”

Jeff Carlisle (ESPN): “Player Grades for USWNT vs. Colombia”

Jenna Pel (NBC Sports): “U.S. Romps past Colombia”

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VIDEO – USWNT “Party in the USA”

Only the ladies of the United States women's national team could make Miley Cyrus' “Party in the USA” bearable. With the opening match of the Lady Nat's London Olympics campaign just days away, forward Alex Morgan tweeted out this video gem of the team performing the unfortunate pop hit.

Glad to see they're all having fun in the run up to defending their gold medal.

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