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Better Know A Supporters Group – Timbers Army (Portland Timbers)


We're starting a new feature on the Free Beer Movement site to expand our coverage of American soccer culture. It's called “Better Know a Supporters Group” just like Steven Colbert's “Better Know a District” from “The Colbert Report“.

Our goal: to feature each of the MLS teams' supporters groups. We've sent e-mails to each and every SG in Major League Soccer and soon you'll be able to check all what each is all about and what awesomeness they have to contribute to our growing American soccer world.
When we devised this idea a while back it was cool to be able to see what each supporter group is about, but in light of the terrible, one-sided, anti-American, condescending profile of Philadelphia's Sons of Ben SG by the British GQ (not even going to link to it to give them the site hits) we think its all the more important to give supporters groups in Major League Soccer the proper exposure and voice they deserve.
Today it's the Timbers Army out of Portland, Oregon and the SG of the Portland Timbers, newbies to MLS.
As told to the Free Beer Movement by “107 Independent Supporters Trust” Board Member Garrett Dittfurth.

The Basics

MLS Club: Portland Timbers

Stadium: PGE Park
Year Founded: 2001

Any other SGs apart of your section?

There are several subgroups within the Timbers Army; as a whole generally identified by what section within the TA are they sit. 108 Lazy Eights, Fighting 106th, 105th Howitzers, but all identify as Timbers Army.

Location with PGE Park: Sections 101-108

The Meaty Questions
What are the origins of your name?

The Cascade Rangers were founded in 2001 by two brothers Steven and Jim Lenhart in the run up to the Timbers returning as a professional team to gather in the pub pre-match to sing, chant, and drink. Some Glasgow Celtic supporters who wanted to participate took offense to the name and due to the sectarian connotations the name was changed to Timbers Army shortly thereafter. We still pay tribute to the original name and in our crest you’ll notice the CR underneath the rose, which is homage to the Cascade Rangers.

Favorite chants/songs?

Korobeinik, Bury Me in Timbers Green, Onward Rose City

Why is sitting in the supporters section the “best seat in the house”?

We create the atmosphere. It’s a 90 minute party. You won’t find a greater collection of people committed to their team and their town anywhere else in North America.

Brag. What makes your SG one of the best supporters groups in MLS?

We have a 3,600 seat supporters section that we are expecting to be sold out every match. Arguably we’ll be the biggest supporters section in North America by a long shot. We may be new to MLS but we’re not new to supporting our team as we’ve been doing it for a decade already. We’re bigger, we party better, and we’re going to bring it bigger than anyone in North America has seen when supporting our boys on the pitch.

Greatest game(s) in team history?

There have been so many memorable games it’s hard to pick one. One that has special importance and is still a strong memory is the final home game of last year against Puerto Rico. We have a tradition of singing “You Are My Sunshine” in the 80th minute in honor of our retired mascot Timber Jim’s daughter Hannah Serrill.

The Timbers Army was encouraged to bring sunflowers to the match to give to the team. During the singing of “You Are My Sunshine” in the 83rd minute Ryan Pore headed in a ball to put the Timbers up 1-0. It sent the Army into pandemonium and many into tears of joy.

The goal is now known as “The Sunflower Goal” and was the final goal scored in PGE Park before the remodel started. I’m attaching a video here. While it may not be the greatest win in team history it certainly meant a lot to the supporters.
Predictions for this season?
Squeak into the playoffs and upset a higher seed in the first round.

Why Major League Soccer? Why American soccer?

Most of us follow other leagues. For me I have an EPL team that I support and a club in the Bundesliga. Of course they play better soccer. Neither of those clubs occupy the space in my heart where the Timbers reside. If you can’t support your hometown club you don’t like soccer.
If you scoff at American soccer and don’t care about its growth you ignore MLS. Most Timbers Army members get that idea.

Interested in learning more and/or joining the Timbers Army? Check out their website at: TimbersArmy.Org.

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