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The Best of Both Worlds – Beer Penalty Kicks at Euro 2012

When soccer and beer collide… that's the best of both worlds. This space reserved for any intersection of the suds and the sport whether business, beer and soccer events, or random humor.

Our BFF Jimmy Conrad is in Poland and the Ukraine covering the Euro 2012 tournament for Kick TV. He's been taking in team trainings, games, the general merriment of the fans, and plenty of shenanigans over the last couple of weeks. He even got a speeding ticket!

But by far the coolest thing we've seen thus far is the above video where Croatian fans faced off some Italians fans (unfortunately in Mario Balotelli “blackface”) in beer PKs. From the footage beer PKs seem simple:

1) Make a goal out of empty beer cans

2) Choose your keeper

3) Choose your shooters

4) Open a new can of beer

5) Attempt to put said can of beer past the opposing keeper

6) Everyone gets covered in beer (and there may or may not be a goal in there as well)

We're thinking that this is the NEXT BIG THING. If “BASEketball” could work then why not beer PKs?

Perhaps bonus points to the goalie for catching the can and drinking the remaining beer?

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