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The Best of Both Worlds – 2014 FBM Beer-view: Toronto FC

With Major League Soccer and the rest of American soccer kicking off in just over a week we've curated an impressive list of players, personalities, broadcasters, front office folk, and fans to have them tell us (and you) about their upcoming 2014 season.

And, of course, pair their hopes and dreams for this season with a tasty local brew.

That's not just a preview… it's a “beer-view”.


By Duane Rollins / Canadian Soccer News

Team: Toronto FC

Coach: Ryan Nelsen

Is he the right man for the job?

Maybe? He's certainly the man Tim Leiweke seems to want in spite of reservations by many. The main concern is that he is tactically naive and, making things worse, has no one of experience on the assistants bench either.

The alternative view is he played at a high level recently and, as such, commands the respect of the high price DPs brought in

Player(s) to watch?

The 45 DPs (approximately) signed this year.

To be serious, while most outside eyes will be on Jermain Defoe, Michael Bradley, Julio Cesar and even Dwayne De Rosario a lot of local fans are as interested in a couple young Canadians in Jonathan Osorio and Doneil Henry.

Osorio was the 2013 rookie that was most criminally overlooked in the Rookie of the Year voting (no, really — he had the highest pass completion rate, most key passes and five goals last year. It wasn't his fault the team sucked…) and a big year is expected by him in 2014.

Henry wasn't a rookie of the year candidate in 2013 because he's been in the league since he was 17. Insanely, he is the longest serving member of TFC at just 20 years old. He's also fresh off a training stint with West Ham United that was said to have gone well and he's added about 15-lbs of muscle in the off-season. Henry is Nelsen's pet project and if TFC is to make a serious jump forward it will need to have Henry also take his game to the next level.

Predictions for 2014?

The playoffs are an absolute minimum requirement.

The instinct is to dismiss TFC because, well, it's TFC but this isn't the same management team that created the comical mess of the last seven years.

Toronto will host a playoff game in 2014. MLS Cup playoff are too much of a crapshoot to make predictions beyond that.

Local Beer Pairing:

Mill Street Brewery “Tankhouse” Pale Ale

The hardy American Pale Ale was most popular about 5-years ago, but remains a staple of a small but loyal group of fans.

Is it poised to finally break through to the mainstream? Well, Mill Street brewery has been getting good press of late…..

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