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The Best of Both Worlds – 2014 FBM Beer-view: FC Dallas

With Major League Soccer and the rest of American soccer kicking off in just over a week we've curated an impressive list of players, personalities, broadcasters, front office folk, and fans to have them tell us (and you) about their upcoming 2014 season.

And, of course, pair their hopes and dreams for this season with a tasty local brew.

That's not just a preview… it's a “beer-view”.


By Jonathan Virnig 

Team:  FC Dallas

Coach: Oscar Pareja

Is he the right man for the job? 

Hell yes he’s the right man for the job!  Papi has come home!  He’s brought a much needed change of pace & coaching philosophy to the squad (mind you, this is just based on observations made during the first day of training camp, during the afternoon session).  Oscar is actually out there on the pitch, going through drills with the guys, jogging with them during cool downs.  Oscar made a point of coming over and saying hi to all of us supporters that first day, thanking us for coming out and saying that he was looking forward to the start of the season…..most importantly, that he was HAPPY to be back with FC Dallas. 

Player(s) to watch?

-Mauro Diaz.  Mauro did not make his (league) debut until August 3rd at Seattle.  He scored in his first start vs. Portland.  And he was nominated for goal of the year, scoring on a beautiful volley at home vs. Vancouver in front of the Beer Garden.  Three goals on 11 shots, with two assists in ten appearances.  If you were to ask the FCD faithful who they’re expecting the most out of this season, I’d be willing to bet that Diaz would be the answer for most. 

-Blas Perez.  11 goals in 25 appearances for Super Raton in 2013…’s hoping Oscar will be able to utilize Blas’s skillset & height better than Hyndman.  Blas was FCD’s leading scorer the past two seasons; I expect this to continue for the 2014 season. 

-Ryan Hollingshead.  FCD selected Ryan in the second round of the 2013 SuperDraft.  Ryan was unsure whether or not he was going to play professionally, as a result he didn’t sign with FCD until 12/9/13.  Beer-fueled scuttlebutt has it that Ryan is held in high regard by a certain Western Conference coach who resembles a Dark Crystal Muppet…..and if he’s interested, you know this kid has some serious potential.  

* Written before the acquisition of Andres “Manga” Escobar on loan and the acquisition of Hendry Thomas from Colorado for allocation money.  Of course those two should be on the list as well.

Photo Credit: Lakewood Brewing Co. 

Predictions for 2014? 

Any postseason berth would be a success given the past two disappointing seasons.  IF the damned injury bug stays the F away, this squad has the talent to go DEEP into the postseason.  How deep? In my opinion, at least to the conference semis.

Local Beer Pairing:

With the ever expanding craft brewing scene in the DFW Meteroplex, this is tougher than I thought it’d be.  I have actually changed my selection many times while writing this.  “The Temptress” from Lakewood Brewing Company.  She’s an imperial milk stout who’s liable to surprise you if you’re not paying attention (much like I expect FCD to do to opponents this season). 

At 9.1% this beauty packs a punch….great for celebrations or commiserations. 

She’s easy to fall in love with, like FCD.  She’s yet to disappoint, unless you count the scarcity of her alter ego, The Bourbon Barrel Temptress.  Light carbonation & great flavor makes this EASY to drink.

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