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The Best of Both Worlds – 2014 FBM Beer-view: Chivas USA

With Major League Soccer and the rest of American soccer kicking off in just over a week we've curated an impressive list of players, personalities, broadcasters, front office folk, and fans to have them tell us (and you) about their upcoming 2014 season.

And, of course, pair their hopes and dreams for this season with a tasty local brew.

That's not just a preview… it's a “beer-view”.


By John Sandate

Team: Chivas USA or EscapeGoats FC or Athletico Garber or Los Angeles SC

Coach: Wilmer Cabrera

Is he the right man for the job?

He’s the right man, right now. It’s hard to not be cynical and the fans have a lot of faith in Cabrera to lead them to glory in 2014. He has MLS experience and is very defensive minded compared to past coaches.

Player(s) to watch?

Erick “Cubo” Torres, Thomas “Mullet” McNamara, Mauro Rosales, Carlos Alvarez, Agustin Pelletieri, Mathew Fondy, Caleb Calvert

Predictions for 2014?

Dream Big! MLS Cup champions in 2014!  I do believe this will be a season of transition, but unlike previous seasons, it will be more positive. With Don Garber making the decision to buy the team, we will have a little bit more optimism than usual.  Which is fine, because I’m tired of taking anti-depressants. Realistically, I hope that we are able to compete for a playoff spot.

Local Beer Pairing:

• Per the suggestion of Black Army beer connoisseur, Chido Jerry, is big on Border X Brewery’s “Abuelita Chocolate Stout” from San Diego. It’s basically a chocolate stout brewed with “Abueltia” brand chocolate. Anyone who loves Mexican chocolate knows that it has got cinnamon and hazelnut flavors which can only enhance a chocolate stout. Just like Chivas USA, Border X beers are Mexican influenced and produced in America. Our fans are diverse and open to all tastes. Black Army tailgates epitomize everything that is right about Chivas USA: flavorful, loud, obnoxious, welcoming and above all pro-Los Angeles and California. Chido Jerry commutes from San Diego for every Chivas USA game. That’s dedication.

• My Favorite beer for this season is the “Joaquin Murrieta” Chile Pepper Ale made by Sequoia Brewery in Fresno. It’s a German-style pale ale brewed with many types of peppers, including jalapeno, serrano, and of course Fresno peppers. It’s smooth, light, and flavorful. Then you swallow it and it comes back like a kicking mule! This beer resonates with me since it comes from my hometown and it is great alternative to the awesome IPA’s, stouts, Ales, and porters than come from our great state of California. This season may be one of the most tumultuous of all the tumultuous Chivas USA seasons. So drinking something sweet or spicy may be what the good doctor orders.

It’s always unpredictable and exciting with our goats.

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