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The After Bar: USMNT 0 – Ukraine 2

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Yorgos Karahalis

Show of hands. How many of you were fine never seeing Oguchi Onyewu in a U.S. jersey BEFORE today's match?

OK… most of the room.

AFTER the match?

There we go. Everyone now.

Well, that settles it. No more Gooch, right? Right?

Obviously it wasn't all the Borgetti-stare-down-man's fault today (cough cough… John Anthony Brooks… we're looking at you), the entire defense was a mess, the midfield was inept, and the forwards nearly starved to death for service.

There was about 20 minutes of blind optimism from the USMNT in the middle of the second half, but then it was all undone with a quick strike Ukrainian attack to double their lead. 

Aron Jonhannsson.. you're awesome. Brek Shea… not too shabby. Tim Howard…. two sweet saves only to see your back line bail on you faster than teenagers at a house party when the cops show up. 

Roll the highlights, Sunil. 



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Player Ratings/Grades:

Jeff Carlisle (ESPN)

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Greg Selzter (

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