Regular and Special Features

Free Beer Movement Regular Features

Who We’re Buying a Beer For
– A series where we honor those groups and individuals that are helping grow soccer in America with, of course, an offer of free beer.

* Going Suds Up
– Every Friday contributor Kirsten Schlewitz brings you the upcoming week’s best soccer games and the best beers to drink while watching them. Use ’em on newbies, impress your friends!

* The Flight
A when-ever-we-feel-like-it series compiling the most random, most tasty bits of the soccer and beer worlds on the Inter-Net-Blogo-Sphere

* The “Recruit Frankie” Campaign and Hejduk Watch
– Our quest to land Columbus Crew and “former” USMNT Frankie Hejduk as the official spokesperson of the Free Beer Movement
– Each week we track Hejduk’s contributions to American soccer for the Crew and his chances to return to the USMNT.

Free Beer Movement in Action
– Stories and photographic evidence to prove our thesis that free beer is the most effective way to lure “soccer newbies” to the sport. Free beer works!

Free Beer Match Days
Photo essays from matches the Free Beer Movement has personally attended

Free Beer Movement Special Features

* Why American Soccer? A Manifesto on Supporting the Domestic Game
– Coming Soon!

* The “12-Pack” Interview Series (and occasionally a sixer of Q&A)
– Interviews with interesting and important people in the world of American soccer (and maybe, sometimes, beer)

Our Interviews:
– D.C. United Director of Marketing Communications Kyle Sheldon: Part 1 and Part 2
Former USMNT defender, MLS veteran, and current ESPN commentator Alexi Lalas
Major League Soccer “Insider” Shawn Francis
– “Soccer Newbie” Jesse Nechodom: Part 1 and Part 2

* “Better Know A Supporters Group”

Soccer-to-Beer-Level Conversion Chart
– Taking a “soccer newbie” to their first game (at the stadium or just in front of the TV)? Then use our conversion chart to determine how many free beers you owe them.