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Major League Soccer Road Trip – An Introduction

“Moreover, there remains only one single constant in the life of people particularly of men, and that is the soccer club and all the ties to it associated with being a fan. Marriages fail, relationships end, jobs disappear, anything can happen; only one real thread remains reliably through life: team loyalty.”

–          Roman Horak, University of Vienna

My name is Evan Ream, and I believe this to be true. Starting June 16, two friends and I will be going on an epic road trip to document soccer fandom in the United States and Canada. Our trip, the MLS Road Trip, will cover over 10,000 miles in 51 days with stops in 12 (possibly 13) different major cities, attending 14 (possibly 15) different games in order to document the amazing fans in North America.

During the trip, we will be updating our website every day with writing, pictures and video of the fans, plus food and general culture of each city we visit. Each Friday I will be writing a recap of our last week for The Free Beer Movement that will include an exclusive-to-The-FBM beer review. But I invite you to follow the trip on our website as well.

Just like in a soccer game, fan participation is paramount. We want your help, your input and your ideas. We are trying to paint the best picture possible of each fan base, something that we cannot do without a plethora of help from the fans in each city. Do you have an idea, suggestion or cool soccer tattoo ( that you would like showcase? Do you know a crazy fan? Do you know a cool place that is crucial to your cities’ soccer culture? Please email me, tweet me or comment on the website or Facebook page.

This project is as much yours as it is ours. We want the website to be a place that shows what MLS is really about. We want Euro-snobs to look at the website and decide that maybe they want to come to a game in this country. We want to create more MLS fans. Help us.

And, as always, since this is the Free Beer Movement, here is a beer review from the town I live in: Ashland, Ore.

Meet: Ashland Amber. Brewed locally at the Caldera Brewing Company, Ashland Amber is distributed to 13 different states, England, Japan and Puerto Rico. Southern Oregon is known for its delicious local brews, and Ashland Amber is no exception. Nearly every bar in Ashland serves it, as it is the most popular of Caldera’s beers. This beer is so popular that most of the black and tans in Ashland are actually made with Ashland Amber instead of Bass Pale Ale, improving the taste in my opinion. If you are ever in Oregon (or Japan), do yourself a favor and order an Ashland Amber.

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