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In This Team, Their History Is Beer-Fueled

The Bohemians are a first-year United Soccer League Professional Developmental League team from Baltimore. Their partnership with their local brewery, National Bohemian, and iconic, Maryland-centric jerseys made a big splash across the American soccer Inter-Web-Blogo-sphere. Free Beer Movement got in touch with them and a few months later our first club-sponsored “Free Beer Movement Night” was born. On June 16th, alongside “Throwback Night” (where the Bohemains will honor their American soccer history by wearing NASL-era Baltimore Bays jerseys), the Bohemians will play in front of fans fueled by $2 beers (OK, so not “free”, but close!

Beer has a lot of deep, local roots and the Bohemians are trying to tap (yep… pun intended) into that and build American soccer in Baltimore. You can follow the journey of the Baltimore Bohemians with their series on “The Classical”.

By Joe TirabassiDirector of Marketing & Media Relations, Baltimore Bohemians

To have something that you can call your own, something that is so indelibly ingrained in that fabric of your being that no one else can claim it – that's something special. In Baltimore, amongst elongated O's, a predilection for blue crabs and the work of David Simon (“The Wire”), we have an alcoholic beverage known simply as “Natty Boh.”

It was a major coup for us to get National Bohemian on board with the team. Nothing says “Baltimore” like Boh – it's omnipresent here. There's a giant, neon Mr. Boh that sits atop the old brewery, welcoming you to the east side. It's the only beer that should be served with our state's chosen crustacean.

There's the dog collars, tattoos, t-shirts and hats that Baltimoreans proudly display Mr. Boh. Whatever it is about the one-eyed man staring back at us that has this effect on Baltimoreans, outsiders won't really ever “get” it. It's a pretty unassuming beer that is drastically underpriced, so what's there to get so excited about? Well, frankly, it's ours.

It's the beer your father and his father drank. Ice cold, it's a revelation. And it's only sold here – you're never going to see someone in LA gripping a Boh at the beach.

I guess in a way, that's why we started this team – we want something we can call our own. We're not D.C. We're not Philly. We're not Barcelona and we're not Manchester.

We're Baltimore, and we're proud of it. A Bohemian is someone who operates outside of convention – someone who doesn't follow the norm. Someone who attempts to break the mold. We are Bohemians, and we're proud of that too.

If you're anywhere near “Charm City” on June 16th make your way up to Bel Air for FBM's “Thowback Night”. Get your tickets from the Bohemiams' website.

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