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Happy Repeal Day

Newspaper headline from the day following repeal.

“What America needs now is a drink.” – President Franklin Roosevelt

Words spoken 79 years ago and just as true today. On December 5th, 1933 the last state needed for a three-forths majority (Utah, ironically) voted to complete the Constitutional process to repeal the 18th Amendment that banned the manufacturing, selling, and transportation of liquor in the United States.

Today we can celebrate a victory for freedom. The return to America a tradition of brewing that would evolve into the wonderful craft beers we all enjoy today.

The return of beer meant the return of suds and sports. In 1933 that hardly meant beer and soccer, but in small pockets of America the sport established itself and survived the Depression-era implosion of the professional league. Among immigrant communities and on college campuses, and nobly in places like Saint Louis, the game grew. Today, like the return of beer we should also celebrate the return of soccer to America. Prohibition was called a “grand experiment” that failed, but American soccer is an experiment that is most certainly not to suffer the same fate.

Enjoy a beverage of choice to celebrate “Repeal Day”; whether it's one of America's big breweries that survived the dark days of Prohibition, a craft brew made possible by this historical day almost 80 years ago, or perhaps a spirit because it doesn't have to be manufactured in a bathtub or basement anymore.

Without repeal you'd also not have the Free Beer Movement.

And that's a world we're not willing to consider.

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