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Free Beer Match Day – USMNT vs. Honduras in Salt Lake City

Awesome event poster from Kick TV.

Free Beer Movement was back on the road to witness the United States men's national team's World Cup qualifier against Honduras in Salt Lake City. Before the match we were able to dabble in a bit of drinking and bust some beer myths about Utah beer.  The state's draft beer laws are antiquated (not allowing for greater that 4.0% ABV from the tap), but Utah bottled beers have no limits. While there are a few solid brews on the low ABV end the real good stuff is being bottled.

If you're ever in Salt Lake City we highly recommend the breweries of Epic and Uinta….two awesome breweries.

Enough about the beer. On to game day!


Riot Tinto Stadium…. the calm before the storm…

The Honduran support before the match was “sizable”.

The U.S. supporters were equal to the task as well.

The “march to the match” is on!

U.S. fans reporting for duty.

“Proof Through The Night”….

American Outlaws getting loud.


Goal! Jozy!

Best tifo we saw in SLC.

Picked up a few RSL scarves from great supporters there…. along with the next edition of the U.S. Soccer “Anthem” scarves.


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