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Retrospective - David Beckham’s Career Through The Lens of Drinking

Champaign shower at English Premier League Champions with his first club, Manchester United

Married to "power drinker" Victoria (Posh Spice) Adams


"I'll take this endorsement check and buy a bunch of beer with it."

David Beckham Pepsi pint glass. For beer, of course.

Limited results for "Beckham drinking Real Madrid" Google Image Search!

"Got Milk" ad (2006). Probably used a White Russian for the effect.

Welcome to LA. Here's to the Hollywood lifestyle. A giant bottle of wine with Tom Cruise!

"Water" chugging contest with Kaka during loan spell in 2009 and 2010.

Potential "Irish" coffee run.

Courtside beers at Los Angeles Lakers game (April 2010)

Sneaky beers late night in Newcastle, Australia on LA Galaxy World Tour (November 2010)

MLS Cup Champions (November 2011)

Really taking in the Cup. 

Not enjoying the "free beer" from Toronto FC fans in a CONCACAF Champions League match (March 2012)

Fruit smoothie Burger King commercial (2012)

Always the model drinker. Elle UK photo shoot (May 2012)

Having a giant, flaming shot of something at the 2012 Summer London Olympics.

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