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MLS Road Trip - A Quick Stop (Davis, CA)

50 days, 10,000 miles, and over a dozen Major League Soccer cites. Evan Ream is on a quest to document American soccer this summer. Follow along at "MLS Road Trip" and stop by the Free Beer Movement where each Friday will get an executive summary of Ream's last week, plus a quick look at one beer from wherever he happens to be.

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By Evan Ream

Greetings from the small town bicycle capital of the world: Davis, California. Before moving to Oregon, I lived in Davis for 15 years, enjoying the bike paths, great schools and of course, the soccer. Davis is unique to the United States in that soccer is the most popular sport here. In Davis there are over 2,000 youth soccer players out of a population of just over 60,000. Jalil Anibaba of the Chicago Fire (we are meeting up with him later on the trip for a story) is the most famous youth alum in this part of the country.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to one of the coolest places in Davis: The Davis Beer Shoppe. The Davis Beer Shoppe has a large assortment of rare and exotic beers that will make any beer connoisseur happy. After missing all the Euro 2012 games during the day due to traveling, it was nice to sit down at a barrel and enjoy a cold one while taking in the highlights from the games on the TV. Speaking of which:

Meet Ruhstaller Beers "Captain California" Black IPA (Sacramento, CA).

I don't usually drink a lot of dark beers, nor IPA's due to the heaviness and bitterness commonly found in both. I was looking for a local beer to drink and since the Shoppe was all out of Sudwerks, the most popular Davis beer, I decided to go with a Sacramento beer. I was pleasantly surprised at the beer the owner recommended for me. This beer is a lot smoother and less bitter than most other black IPA's, though it isn't as flavorful. I would recommend this as an alternative to anyone who prefers light beers over dark, though if you prefer dark beers, you might be better off trying something more flavorful.

We are stopping in Davis just for a few hours before we leave for Los Angeles, and by LA I mean my brother's apartment in Huntington Beach for our first action on MLS Road Trip. Before we leave though, we are going to be doing a few things which brings me to the first weekly edition of: What's on tap? What's on tap (pun intended) will be the Free Beer Movement's weekly guide to what MLS Road Trip is doing each week.

What's on tap?:

Friday 6/15 - Today is mostly going to be a driving day, but before we head off, we are going to hit up the Euro 2012 games at a bar. Soccer is really easy to find at bars in Davis, but for the best viewing experience we recommend the Davis Graduate. The Grad, for short, is a bar just outside of UC Davis campus that shows nearly every sporting event possible; if you want them to show it, they will. During the 2010 World Cup, the bar gained instant recognition after a video of USA fans reacting to Landon Donovan's late goal against Algeria from different parts of the country was compiled and put on Youtube. I can actually be seen in this video wearing a Clint Dempsey jersey, USA bandana and generally looking like a hobo. For as loud as the video showcased us, it was 10 times louder actually being there.

Saturday 6/16 - Saturday will finally be our first game of the trip and my first time as a credentialed member of the media. We will be at the Home Depot Center to watch Chivas USA take on Real Salt Lake at 7:30 p.m. PST. Angel Mendoza, the president of the Black Army 1850 (profiled by FBM here) , has graciously invited us to their tailgate. Shortly after their tailgate, but before the game, there will be a "town hall meeting" where the Black Army is going to meet with team co-owner Antonio Cue. Apparently there will be some team-related announcements at this meeting.

Sunday 6/17 - We will be attending the LA Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers game at 4:00 p.m. PST. Half of the people in my party will be sitting in the Angel City Brigade (profiled by FBM here), while the other half will be sitting in the visiting Timber's Army (profiled by FBM here) section. We will get both fan perspectives and deliver them to you.

Wednesday 6/20 - As our only day in Seattle on MLS Road Trip, we are going to try to pack in as much stuff as possible in this day. First, we are going to hit up the Public Market in Seattle and see if we can possibly try our hand at catching fish that are thrown at us (one can hope). After this, we will head over to Golazo Energy HQ, where we will talk to Jorge Perea in the marketing department as well as play some pick-up on their amazing indoor field. Finally, we will take in the Seattle Sounders FC vs. Sporting KC game at 7:00 p.m. PST. I believe we will be going to the Gorilla FC (profiled by FBM here) pregame and sit (stand) with them during the game.

Thanks for checking in this week.

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