Friday, November 11, 2011

Classic Video - USMNT vs. France (1979)

It's USMNT game day and we're pumped as always to see what Klinnsmann and the Nats have in store for us, but it's the above retro clip that has us buzzing as well.

Dave Brett (who's based in FBM HQ's city of Austin) collects historic videos of American soccer and he sent us a link to the above clip that he posted to YouTube yesterday.

A cool little piece of our nation's soccer history as the U.S. National Team took on France in 1979. The result? A 3-0 defeat at the hands of Les Bleus, but Boris Bandov did get a pretty nasty tackle in on currently UEFA President and former French international Michael Platini. Probably why he didn't help us get the World Cup in 2022...

The U.S. played in France seven times (friendlies, World Cup, Confederations Cup) and recorded seven losses.

Here's hoping Der Bomber and his side can reverse the trend.

Check out all of Dave Brett's video collection (and purchase them if you like) at his site,

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