Sunday, September 4, 2011

Photo Contest...Vote For Us! Potential Fabulous Prizes!

You're looking for THIS photo.
We're not just connoisseurs of beer and fine American soccer here at the Free Beer Movement; we're artists too.

Over the years we've brought our camera to all corners of the globe and trained it on the beautiful game (and plenty of other things). Photography is a fun little hobby and a great window to the world around us.

Others seem to appreciate it from time to time. We've had our pictures featured on sites like "Vanity Fair" and "The Original Winger".

That second site, TOW, has been running a series for a couple years now that we're big fans of and have submitted several photos to. Called "Soccer in America" it's a collection of TOW's own photos and their readers, assembling a visual demonstration of the sport in this country. A great series.

Now "The Original Winger" is launching a contest where people will vote on some of the finest pics that people have submitted with the winner becoming a Bumpy Pitch (cousin company of TOW) inspired t-shirt and sold at Eurosport (

We're been honored as one of our pictures has been chosen to participate in the first edition of this contest.

Each of the five pictures in the contest are fantastic and we're not hurt if you decide to vote for another one, but maybe, just maybe you click on ours for a vote. Completely biased, but we think that our photo would make one hell of a shirt.

If we win we're going to get a bunch shirts from our friends at BP and reward our readers for their help in pushing us over the top.

So go here and vote for one (hopefully ours) and share the link with friends as well.  Thanks, as always, for your support of the Movement.

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