Thursday, May 19, 2011

VIDEO - Golazo Energy's "Walk Among Us" And How Supporters Sell Soccer

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If you're a long-time or recent follower of the Free Beer Movement, you've probably noticed that we take a pretty keen interest in the supporters of Major League Soccer teams. When it comes down to it, the action on the field is what is it... the teams change, the scores differ, and the players come and go, but what remains a constant is the passion and the intensity of the supporters in the stands.

For anyone that's ever been to an American soccer game you always know where to look to find the loudest and proudest fans at the park. This is where and how American soccer is sold to the newbie. For anyone that has ever brought a newbie into the supporters section for American Outlaws, Emerald City Supporters, Timbers Army, Barra Brava, Section 8, any number of other fantastic groups in Major League Soccer the experience with these people is unlike any other sport in our nation.

When we set out to start the Free Beer Movement we were certain that the product we were selling, American soccer, was beautiful on its own. From the local pitch to the stadiums around this country our game is gorgeous. Reasonable people will debate that, but our love for soccer is unquestioned. What sets soccer apart even more from its American counterparts is the game day experience.

Buy the newbie a beer and have them enter the supporters section of an American soccer team and they will become a fan for life. The camaraderie, the chaos, the coolness of the supporters section is something unique to the sport of soccer.

Golazo, a Seattle-based and soccer-centric energy drink played up this angle in their latest video called "Walk Among Us" which follows the supporters of Seattle Sounders (primarily) with the Portland Timbers, and Chivas USA supporters making cameos.

One of the guys pretty much summed up our feelings, "Soccer is a way of life. It's not something you do just for the game. It's always apart of you."

And that's what sells soccer. The undeniable connection that people feel for their team. Certainly that passion lives in many sports, but, in our opinion, nothing like the at-birth or in-my-DNA sort of love that comes from the intimate connection between a person and soccer.

Golazo's video captures that and the essence of this sport. The proof is in the video of why we keep on asking you all to grab a friend, family member, or co-worker (toss them in the supporters section), buy 'em a beer, and help "Build American Soccer One Beer at a Time".

Walk Among Us from GOLAZO on Vimeo.

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