Monday, May 16, 2011

Introducing the NEW Free Beer Movement "Pint Glass" Shirt

Drum roll, please.....

The time has come to roll out a brand, spankin' new Free Beer Movement t-shirt! Yes, folks, that's right after months of anticipation (at least for us) we're debuting this awesomely, epic shirt.

Our friends at Objectivo/Ultras are back again to support the making, retailing, and shipping of the shirt so if we're already sold you head on over there right away!

If it's not love a first sight here's a short list of things that might convince ya:

1) It's America. Come on! We just got Bin Laden... time to celebrate.

2) Also, its nearly Gold Cup time so support your U.S. Men's National Team. I mean even the American Outlaws would love this.

3) It might be the dopest design you've ever seen. Designed by a real pro, Eric Wheatley. A pint glass, an American flag beer, on a coaster with the continental U.S. and the FBM on it. Plus, our sweet crest is still on the back.

4) We promise you this... it will be the softest shirt you'll EVER own. Made of 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon... its like wearing a shirt made out of a cloud. (BTW... the material is why this shirt is a bit more expensive then the last one)

5) You're helping "Build American Soccer One Beer at a Time". It even says it on the back. Plus, free advertising for the cause you know and love.

So what are you all waiting for!?!?!? Click on over to Objectivo's site. It will be the best $28 you've ever spent.

A traditionalist? There are still limited quantities, sizes, and colors of the original Free Beer Movement shirt. Still available for just $18.

Get the NEW Free Beer Movement "Pint Glass" shirt! Only from


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