Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VIDEO - CONCACAF Champions League 360: Real Salt Lake Vs. Columbus Crew

While much of the world will focus their beady, little eyes on  the European Champions League (and we can't blame them), MLS fans and fans in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras all have horses in CONCACAF's version of the Champions League.

American soccer has a chance to make a big mark on the regional stage. As the quarterfinals kick off this week Major League Soccer has two... count 'em... TWO... teams making an appearance and a run at the tournament title.

Real Salt Lake and Columbus Crew will face each other in the first of two home-and-away matches to see who progresses onto the semi-finals.

Consider it an MLS appetizer as the regular season is LESS THAN ONE MONTH AWAY!

And check out this epic, nearly thirteen minute look into tonight's American soccer throw down produced by MLSSoccer.com

We're above picking sides in this match, but no matter what happens between the two, an AMERICAN team will book their place into the next round and be one step from the tournament final (guaranteed against a Mexican league side as all four clubs from Mexico were drawn into the same side of the bracket.. suckers!).

The match kicks off from Columbus Crew Stadium at 7pm (CT) on Fox Soccer Channel.

Photo Credit: Concacaf.com

Video Credit: MLSSoccer.com

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Anonymous said...

When was the Whitecaps in the Champions League?

Matt W

Danny Beerseed said...

@Matt - Honestly I have no idea. I thought that was a graphic from this season, but I went back and didn't see that Vancouver has ever appeared in the CCL. They've playing in Candian Championships to qualify for them, but lost.

I'm stumped. We'll trying and make sure we "fact check" next time. That's what we get for going for the "cooler" graphic rather than just the logo!

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