Thursday, February 10, 2011

USMNT Celebrity Death Match (Part 2)

Our second round of USMNT Celebrity Death Matches continues today! Round one was a real bloodbath...

For those of you wondering why our series has omitted the most obvious of Death Matches, Mexico; there's a whole post of its own coming down because we've got so much material.

On to the fights!

Germany v. Landon Donovan: You Thought World War Two Messed You Up? Just Wait.

Frankie Hejduk v. Barbershop Quartet: Mixed Signals, Four Down 

Bob Bradley vs. the Masked German (J├╝rgen Klinsmann) 

Tag Team - Neven Subotic and Guiseppe Rossi vs. Teal Bunbury/Jose Francisco Torres: Traitors vs. Countrymen 

Ricardo Clark v. Bob Bradley: Don't Hug Me, Man

USMNT v. Tea Party Movement: Don't Tread On Me. No, You Don't Tread On Me!

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