Wednesday, February 23, 2011

USMNT Celebrity Death Match: Dirtiest Disallowed World Cup Goal

Torsten Frings (2002) Vs. Koman Coulibaly (2010)

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Anonymous said...

I understand why some would vote for Koman Coulibaly, as it just happened last summer and it's still fresh in our minds, but I have to go with Torsten Frings.
That game was the Quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup against Germany. Anyone who watched that game knows it's a sore subject to revisit today. Germany scored in the 39th minute, thanks to Michael Ballack. Just ten minutes later, Torsten Frings handled the ball on the goal line resulting in a no call from the referee.
Anyone who has been, or is, a referee can recall that a handball is when a player "deliberately handles the ball". Some say look for the ball hitting the hand or the hand hitting the ball. Either way, you are looking for intent to change the course of the ball using your upper extremity. Torsten Frings, sitting on the far post of the goal line during the corner kick, absolutely handled the ball with intent. If you watch the video, the arm doesn't start to move away until after the direction of the ball has already been altered. In fact, he keeps it still as the ball is approaching so as to allow the ball to hit his arm and keep it out of the goal.
This no-call changed the course of the match because USA had been relentless in their offensive attacks. Landon Donovan had plenty of chances to put the ball away but couldn't get around Oliver Kahn. Even Tony Sanneh had some good looks at goal. After this event in the match the team filled with unnecessary emotions that were effecting their level of play. They had a great game, but just couldn't overcome that call and it still haunts the team to this day.
If this call was made correctly, not only would the USA have a penalty kick attempt, but Torsten Frings would have been sent off for deliberately handling the ball within the penalty area. That means for the rest of the game the USA would be a man-up and have a huge advantage.
I don't blame the guy for keeping the ball out of the net. If I were him, I would do the exact same thing. It's the Quarterfinals of the World Cup, winner plays South Korea, with a possible visit to the Finals, you bet I'm going to keep the ball out of the net at all costs. It's a dirty tactic, but if they don't call it you're in the clear. It's the World Cup, after all.
I also can't blame the ref for not calling it. He was set up at the far corner of the 18 yard box looking in and couldn't possibly see what happened because of the numerous screens set in front of him. If you watch the video, at the exact moment the misconduct occurs, there is a US player running straight across the vision of the referee rendering him useless to his duty. The only ref who could have possibly seen this foul was the side ref and I couldn't tell where he was standing in the video so I don't know what angle he had on the goal and the foul. I can't imagine he would have a great chance to see it either with seemingly all of the players crashing the goal at once.
Sorry for the long response, but this is why I'm going with Torsten Frings.

Danny Beerseed said...

No apologies needed. This is exactly the sort of commentary we want in the comments section.


Johnathon Sykes said...

Flings. Knockout round muff up means so much more than a Group Stage screwup. US soccer could have invariably changed if that call was allowed. Also, the end of Alg vs US might not have been as iconic as it was.

Nick said...

The Frings handball is an extremely sore subject. However upset about it I may be, missing that call is something that gets missed from time to time by a ref.

The goal being disallowed against Slovenia is dirtier because there's absolutely no reason for it to be called. There were two fouls on US players in the box that could've been called for penalties but no fouls on Slovenia players that would result in disallowing the goal. The only explanation that I can come up with is a make-up call for Jozy going down easily to draw that free kick in the first place.

Rich B said...

For me the goal disallowed by Koman Coulibaly was dirtier because of the reasons we all know. And the ball went in the net.

Frings should've been called for the handball and given a straight red, like we saw with Suarez at this passed summer's World Cup. Then the US has a penalty kick. We assume it would've been scored but maybe not. The uncertainty (although likely) of whether the penalty would've been scored or not leads me to vote for the Koman Coulibaly screw up.

Brian T. said...

I gotta agree with Nick. While the Frings goal hurt a lot more, that sort of thing gets missed from time to time (see Ireland/France). Poor explanation, yes. But an explanation none-the-less.

There is no explanation for disallowing the Edu goal, and none has ever been offered. Until I hear one, weak as I'm sure it's going to be, it has to be that ref whose name I can't even let out come out of my mouth.

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