Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Soccer Marketing 101 - Houston Dynamo Stadium Done Right

The Houston Dynamo broke ground for its new stadium this past weekend, another success and step forward for soccer in America. The 22,000-seat downtown stadium will open in 2012. For Dynamo fans, this has been a long tough battle, and now the two-time MLS Cup winners will have a place to call their own.

The Vision Production Group made an awesome video promoting the future stadium for the Dynamo's potential advertisers and partners. It is not only a great tribute to the hard work the team has put in on the field, but the culmination of the long road the front office and its fans had to get to this point.

Furthermore, its a testament, once again, to the lengths in which the sport has grown in the United States; that another major American city will have its own soccer specific stadium. Another Major League Soccer team out from the cavernous confines of a football stadium and the eye sore of the excessive amount of white lines. Another MLS side that's escaped from revenue sucking stadium rental agreements. Another MLS side that is looking forward, building its own feature, controlling its own financial destiny.

Lastly, Houston has a downtown stadium to call home. It might have been able to settle years earlier for something in the suburbs, but they didn't. Even when last fall's mayor race seemed to doom their plans (Annise Parker came out against building another stadium in Houston) they pushed forward. Parker was even at this weekend's event, shovel in hand. The Dynamo saw,with Texas rivals FC Dallas, the pitfalls of a stadium that, while shiny and new, if placed too far from the city, can flounder.

Their new marketing video contains a bit of celebration of the club's past and a bright look into its soccer-specific future.

Houston Dynamo Stadium Launch Marketing Video from VISION Production Group on Vimeo.

Photo Credit: Wilf Thorne / Houston Dynamo

[H/T to The Offside Rules for hipping us to this video.]

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Ohh and for STHs at the event they had 2 hours of FREE BEER!

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