Monday, February 14, 2011

Free Beer Match Day Nine: Give Me 473.2 CCs of Beer! Stat!

Editor's Note: Just in case you didn't get the post title. The game was in Corpus Christi and, CC being a medical term, we calculated how many CCs it would take to fill a pint because, well, we like beer. 473.2 CCs to be exact. And there you have it. Nerd-dom at its finest.

Meet Free Beer Movement Pale Ale 1.0 (Austin, Texas)
The Free Beer Movement took to the road this past weekend to watch some pre-season Major League Soccer action between Texas rivals, Houston Dynamo and FC Dallas in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Western Conference Champions and MLS Cup 2010 runners-up were humbled by their intra-state rivals, 4-0.

As always its the atmosphere of American soccer that makes the day even more special. Saturday became a day of not only watching American soccer, but celebrating the greatness of America soccer supporters groups.

We traveled with several members of the Austin Soccer Supporters Group, Chantico's Army, met up with the San Antonio SG, the Crocketteers, and then party-hardy with the Dynamo's Texian Army, El Battelion, and La Bateria.

A friend of ours has been working on a tribute beer for the Movement and this weekend was the release of the Free Beer Movement Pale Ale 1.0. What better way to spread the love of American soccer through free beer then a beer with our namesake?

Check out more photos from the event....

Setting up the San Antonio Crocketteers Tailgate.

A field named after a hamburger chain? Game on!


Members of the Austin Soccer Supporter's Group, Chantico's Army, also made the trip.

Houston Dynamo supporters, La Bateria.

Halloween Waldos?

Talent... banging a drum while drinking a beer.

Smokey. Not pictured... the Bandit.

Purse upgrade. FBM-style.
What the Movement is all about. Free beer for soccer friends and newbies.

The "pitch". Get it? A baseball and soccer line there!

Crocketteers march into the stadium.

Making themselves heard.

Alamo City Ultras getting in on the action.

FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo make their way onto the field.

Starting lineups. 
Kick off!

Texian Army, La Bateria, and El Battalion. 

Crocketteers and Chantico's Army.

Great view of the game.

Dynamo SGs all together.

FC Dallas bench warmers.

About to be a gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!

Dale dale Dynamo.

This guy is having the time of his life.

"I don't wanna work. I just wanna bang on the drum all day."


Game over. Dynamo 4 - FC Dallas 0.
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