Sunday, February 6, 2011

FBM EXCLUSIVE - Jay DeMerit's ThrowBall Super Cup Prediction

This is a metaphor for the Super Bowl. Steelers get eye-poked. Packers win!
You may or may not have known this, but USMNT and recently returned to Major League Soccer (for the Vancouver Whitecaps) defender Jay DeMerit is one of the coolest people on the Twitter-box.

I know, you're telling yourself... what about Kanye West? Is DeMerit even the coolest soccer player on Twitter? There is the edge-of-your-seat-feed of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Let us tell you now... yes, he's the best. What makes the best more untouchable? This soccer player, this amazing story of soccer success is also a massive Green Bay Packers fan. The FBM can relate; having grown up in same land of beer, brats, and cheese of Wisconsin... we are too.

We got a hold of DeMerit on the ol' Twitter-box (the Whitecaps are in Arizona for pre-season camp) to ask about his plans and prediction for tonight's ThrowBall Super Cup.

Free Beer Movement: "WI guy to WI can I get a couple of quotes for the FBM site about what you're doing for the SB and what you'll be drinking?"

Jay Demerit: "Well I'm not gonna lie, we are in preseason training camp so the party will be staying PG. Chips and salsa."

But if I was in Dallas I'd be on the Mich Golden and patron with my hunting overalls and Rogers throwback jersey.. great gameday combo.

FBM: Michelob Golden, eh? Nice. Prediction?

JD: Best 30 pack out there.. Pack 34-27.

FBM: Awesome.. thanks Jay.

Ladies and gentlemen.... Jay DeMerit, soccer superstar, super Packers fan. Super Bowl champions?

The notorious hunting overalls and throwback Rodgers jersey.

Photo Credit: DeMerit's Twitter feed. A must-follow.

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Jesse said...

Just one more reason he's my favorite player!

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