Thursday, February 3, 2011

FBM DrinkWear - "I Like That Boon Boo Tee"

Welcome to a new feature on the Free Beer Movement called "DrinkWear". We started this series because promoting soccer in American is a full-time job (just not for us yet) and you need the wardrobe to do so. The "jersey" look isn't going to work every time. DrinkWear promises (fingers crossed behind our backs) to be a great resource to outfit your soccer style on and off the field.

You're probably wondering what took so long, but both quality and genius take time.

Wait no longer! Sporting KC and their supporters group, The Cauldron, have released their "Boon Boo Ree" shirt.

If you're a fan of creative espanol commentary in T-shirt form then you should definitely pick up one of these Teal Bunbury shirts. For just 20 bones you, too, can own a piece of American soccer pop culture that will last long past (hopefully) the careers of the Black Eyed Peas and the song that inspired:

You've got two pretty rad (yes, we used "rad") designs to pick from. We're partial to the light blue one, but mostly because it really makes our eyes sparkle.

You can place your order through next Wednesday, February 9th. Do it. Now.

Editor's Note: We've taken notice that we've run several Sporting KC articles on the site lately. We're nearly done spending the briefcase of money they gave us to make them look good so we'll be back to repping all the other teams soon, too.

Photo Credit: Sporting KC

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