Thursday, August 19, 2010

Practicing What We Preach: Abita's S.O.S. Pilsner

We at the Free Beer Movement are notoriously unreliable.  We just don't always update the site in a timely manner, or respond to e-mails quickly, or call our mothers when we should (sorry mom!).

But our values are uncompromising and we've got those in abundance.  We're all about building American soccer through the power of free beer. Especially when we can combine our love of beer with doing good in the world ("For once in your life," that angry mom of ours would say.) 

A few weeks back we wrote about Abita Brewing Co.'s S.O.S. (Save Our Shore), a brew who's purchase would help fund the clean up of the Gulf Coast after the terrible BP oil spill this summer.

As the post's title says, we practice what we preach, and the Free Beer Movement made a contribution to the Gulf Coast cleanup when we picked up some Abita's handiwork and enjoyed it during some great American soccer with friends.

S.O.S. is a German Weizen Pilsner, but not your typical pilsner. Start off with the fact that this one weighs in a 7.0% ABV (alcohol by volume) it packs more of a punch to your liver than the rest of the beers in this style. A great golden "straw" color, again, gives the impression of a simple pilsner, but it's betrayed by hints of tropical fruits and heavier than normal hops. A tasty finish hangs in your mouth a bit longer than what you'd expect from other pilsners.  Abita went out of it's way to make a pilsner that would stand out from the rest of it's style; mission accomplished.

BeerAdvocate - B+
Rate Beer: 85

The well is plugged, but there's still a big job to be done. Please pick up some Abita S.O.S. and help the Gulf Coast today.

For More Information: Abita's S.O.S. Website

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Aztexan said...

Ah-ha! It took some searching, but I figured out how to see where I can buy this worthy brew. Go to, pick "SOS" from the first menu & enter your ZIP, and there you have it. Off to Whole Foods to buy some!

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