Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photo Essay: Free Beer Movement in Action - The Free Beer Movement "Dollar Beer Bash"

On Tuesday, for the US-Brazil International Friendly, the Free Beer Movement, in association with the American Outlaws and the local club, the Austin Aztex hosted the "Beat Brazil Dollar Beer Bash" at Mister Tramps Sports Pub in Austin, Texas.

While the Nats, unfortunately, didn't hold up their end of the "beat Brazil" part, the FBM followed through on it's "dollar beers" in emphatic fashion. Mister Ts was packed to capacity for the match and the Free Beer Movement's first major event (outside the "Free Beer Match Days" we've attended). We handed out well over a hundred beers on our tab and loads of great prizes from all of our partners. 

We were super-stoked to be able to have this huge event and go further in sharing our idea of what the Free Beer Movement is and what kind of future we're trying to build for American soccer. We got some great press from the Austin-American Statesman before the event and we're looking to keep spreading the good word where ever we can.

Most importantly it was about American soccer fans coming together, bringing along newbies, and sharing in supporting our National Team (no matter the result!) and making our soccer community in Austin (and everywhere) stronger and more united. 

To put on events like this and have people show up (not just for the cheap beer!) just re-enforces  all the time and energy we put into the Free Beer Movement and how much we love talking to all the people that help spread our message at home in Austin and across the US.

There was only one "official" Free Beer Movement party last night, but across this nation, from the tailgate at the New Meadowlands Stadium, to American Outlaws chapter bars in various cities, to the living rooms of your homes the FBM lives on.

Thank you.

Hey... that's a nice place you got here.

Things we've only dreamed of. Having our name in lights. Like Broadway.... only there's a Church's Chicken right net door.

Bam! Yeah, we got a banner made. It fuckin' rocks. (Guys at Sign Satisfaction donated it to the Movement)
Danny Beerseed (in the Waldo hat) talks up the Movement. There was also some random distributor handing out free beer samples. We had no objections.
The back room of the American Outlaws: Austin Chapter Bar. Eyeballs locked on the 156" screen.
Packed to capacity as usually by kick off.

Various wall accouterments of American soccer adorning the walls of Mister Tramps.
At halftime the FBM raffled off items of their own as well as scarves from the American Outlaws, and loads of goodies from the local USSF Division 2 (first place) side Austin Aztex.
This guy was very excited to win some Austin Aztex tickets.
Take the previous guy and times it by two and you have this guy's excitement. People love free shit.

Here are your tickets. To..... MY GUN SHOW! Pew Pew!
Poor chump she's with didn't even know I slipped her my phone number, too.

Support the Movement. Get the Free Beer Movement T-Shirt. Only from


Anonymous said...

This reminds me, where's my AO stuff? I gave you 20 bucks damn it, i pushed you forward to talk up the free beer movement in front of Jamie and those guys at 4r's!!!

I"M MAD!!!

jk ;P

looks like a good time there at Mr. Tramps. MAybe someday I'll down a pint or two with you there Daniel. HEre's hopin.


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