Saturday, August 28, 2010

Free Beer Feature: Newcastle Summer Ale

The last days and weeks of summer are ticking down, but that's no reason to despair.

On the plus side, if you've watching the kids all summer, they're back to school and you get, maybe, just maybe a bit of your sanity back. If your a teacher like "Danny Beerseed"... well... now you know why he drinks so much.

Luckily the folks at Newcastle's PR agency, Formula, came to the rescue with their "Summer Ale".  This little bottle of therapy came into FBM HQ during one of those unbearably hot Texas afternoons and we put it on ice immediately so we could take it down to the one place in the world we wanted to be at that moment; poolside.

To maximize this brew's flavor definitely, definitely, get it as cold as possible. All the more refreshing on those "thick as pea soup" humid days.

If you're looking for that beer that going to go down easy on a late summer scorcher give Newcastle "Summer  Ale" a taste. Available at most beer outlets.

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Nick said...

Awesome beer, simply awesome. Refreshing enough for summer but with enough hops to give it a little kick.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, i'm originally from Newcastle England, currently residing in Austin, Texas. Does anyone out there know where i can get this summer ale? Looks like the perfect antidote for the long hot texas summer.

Danny Beerseed said...

I would check some of the major beer retails in Austin: Whole Foods, Central Market, or the Whip Inn. They all have a fantastic selection and would probably carry it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny, thanks for your reply. Unfortunatly whole foods and central market did not carry it. I guess they no longer stock it as we are now heading out of summer?? Also no mention of it on the Whip Inns website but i still may have to check this place out as it looks like my kinda drinking establishment!

The search continues....

Anonymous said...


It looks like Summer Ale might of already ran out in your area. Email me your info at address to [email protected] and I can mail a sample out to you.


Jack Follman
Formula PR Inc.
(310) 578-7050
[email protected]

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