Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Flight: The Weeks Most Random, Tastiest Bits

We continue our new feature on the Free Beer Movement site blog, "The Flight". In "beer-speak" a flight is a serving of several choice brews to whet one's appetite and that's what we hope our flight does for you.

As with any good beer tasting it's important to serve up some variety and try all sorts of good stuff. That's why we're debuting "The Flight," compiling the soccer's (and sometimes beer's) most random and tasty bits.

We'll serve up video clips, news items, opinion, or complete random-ness. It might come in piles or just in a single serving. Hopefully most of it peaks your interest.

If there's anything floating around the Inter-net-blogo-sphere that you've seen and think should be featured on the site just leave us a comment in any of the "Flight" posts or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

Free Beer Movement in the News

* The official website of Major League Soccer,, recently did a feature on the FBM and founder, Dan Wiersema.

From the article:
Teams, leagues and federations have tried everything from Kids-Eat-Free nights to signing Pele to the wholesale importation of foreign teams to American cities in hopes of reaching the unconverted. The results of these endeavors have been decidedly mixed, but one fan thinks he’s found the simplest solution to this 100-year-old problem: free suds.
* Our appearance on USSF Division Two/Austin Aztex podcast show, "In The Mixer" has been re-scheduled for a later date. We were to be a guest on the show last week, but got word that "technical difficulties" prevented the show from being saved AFTER we "recorded" the thing.

Good times. Next time they need press the red button with the circle on the Speak-And-Spell.

Soccer Things of Interest

* The New York Times says soccer in America is "hitting all the right notes" (Sounds pretentious, and maybe a bit condescending, but... YEA! Approval!)

* NCAA makes some rule changes that mean good things for MLS

*An MLS Network?

*Coach Sweatpants to meet to discuss USMNT future next week

* Beckham's International Career Over, According to Capello (he will throw him a nice farwell match... awww!)


*From a Canadian Football League game two weeks ago. Check out the touchdown celebration from Dave Stala. I'd kill to see Ocho-Cinco do that this season.

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