Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School for the Free Beer Movement

Secret is that the FBM is not some sort of massive profit-making machine. In fact, we here at FBM HQ actually have day jobs! Gasp! We know, shocking.

That being said.... it's back to school time for FBM Founder "Danny Beerseed" and his educator profession.  This means, of course, that he's got to fit his American soccer and beer-lovin' ways into the school calendar.

The Free Beer Movement is bigger than just one man so we'll do our friggin' best to keep the FBM site and blog running as smooth as possible with great content and stories. That being said....trying to fit all of that in between awesome lesson plans, grading papers, and calling parents is a tough challenge. But we're up to it.

We love running the FBM as much as, we hope, you love coming here for all the random crap we throw up here.

We've got loads of great things planned for the site in the coming months; some in-depth interviews, projects, and all the regular stuff you see day in and day out. So stay tuned.

A teacher has gotta do something to stay sane in this world!

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The SACK Lunch Team said...

You're a teacher? That's awesome. I was thinking about trying to become one but I don't know yet. How do you like it?

Danny Beerseed said...

Yup... educating the future of America. Love teaching, but it's stressful (why do you think we drink!).

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