Monday, July 19, 2010

Free Beer Feature: Newcastle Brown Ale and the "Geordie Schooner"

It's not everyday that we get stuff in the mail (We are very lonely and have no friends) so it's extra exciting when the mailman(person) dodges the elaborate traps and the guard dogs we have set for him to drop a package off at FBM HQ.

We were expecting some thing in the mail (discreetly labeled, of course), but the contents of this package were entirely surprising.

Free beer!

Free Newcastle Brown Ale to be exactly. The lovely gents at Newcastle were acute enough to recognize the brilliance that is this site and sent, for our enjoyment, two bottles of the good, brown stuff.

Luckily, they also anticipated the fact that the refrigerator box we call home lacks beverage containment devices otherwise known as glasses. So in with the beer were two of their new Newcastle "Geordie Schooner" serving glasses.

Next time you're having a Newcastle Brown Ale at the bar make sure you get it served in one of these sharp-looking glasses. It makes the beer taste even better! (Not sure if that's scientifically verified, but who do we look like? Science-y people? Ha!)

Photo Credit:
Free Beer Movement, 2010. Damn right... we know how to use a camera!

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