Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photo Essay: Free Beer Match Day Six - The Movement Does the Women('s Game)

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to mix business (none, really) and pleasure (lots, really) the Free Beer Movement stopped in Omaha, Nebraska to catch up with the United States Women's National Team in an international friendly against Sweden this past Tuesday.

Mr. FBM and newly soccer-mad Mrs. FBM picked up cousin Sarah for the match and treated her FBM-style; free beer on the night for her first soccer game.

Soccer newbie, Cuz Sarah, and Mrs. FBM.

We also met up with some of the local American Outlaws from Omaha and nearby Lincoln. It's really funny how quickly the FBM has grown in this first year....

Guy: Hey, you're from Austin? I was thinking about checking out the soccer down there. I'll hit you up with an e-mail if I come to town.

Sure. Here's my e-mail.

Guy: No. I won't remember.

Me: It's easy to remember: [email protected]

Guy. Other Guy. Another Guy. And Fourth Guy: OH MY GOD. YOU'RE THE FREE BEER MOVEMENT GUY!

Me (very overwhelmed given my anti-social nature): Yup. Yup, I am.
And so you have it. I'm a D-List, Kathy Griffin-esque celebrity in Omaha, Nebraska. These are the things you dreamed of when you were a small boy.

Good parents helping create the next generation of American soccer fans.

The line ups.

Three little Mia Hamms.

Game time. Whoop!

Oh, Hope Solo. How sad we were that you did not play tonight.

Nicole Barnhart admirably deputized.


The only score that really matters!

A packed house of over 6,000 watched the match. A beautiful night for American soccer.

National AO Knuckleheads, Justin Brunken, Megan Brunken,
Korey Donahoo, Joe Blow (sorry!), and Zach Stivrins.
Great view of the proceedings from the Beer Garden!

Don't forget the Lady Nats face Sweden again tonight on Fox Soccer Channel at 6:30pm CT.

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