Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nike Soccer: "Paving The Way"

The other day we had a conversation with Mark Cardillo of That's On Point via Twitter. Arjen Robben of the Netherlands had just scored a great goal en route to the Dutch defeating Slovakia in the quarterfinals.

thatsonpoint: My hope is somewhere in America there was an 8-year-old kid who saw Robben's goal and thought, "I want to do that in the World Cup some day."

FBM: My hope is that somewhere in USA there was an 8-yr-old who saw Landon Donovan's goal and thought, "I want to do that in the World Cup someday."

thatsonpoint: good point

Look's like Nike Soccer got the memo.

Fabulous, fabulous ad that just shows the power of soccer... and this time... American soccer to inspire a generation of children to pick up a soccer ball and make the world's game and American game.

Only one criticism.... could've used a few female voices. They can be inspired, too.

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geoffersen said...

Female voices would be OK, but only men can play for the USMNT.

Amanda said...

Really? In order to be inspired by the MNT this time, you have to be a potential MNT player in the future? There goes everyone on Twitter and all the pundits. How disappointing.

Dan said...

But females can be inspired to play for the USWNT through either the men's or women's teams so I think the point is fair game.

The reverse is true also.

I grew up playing soccer and my sister is as big an inspiration for me to play men's soccer as any male player.

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