Thursday, July 1, 2010

Homeward Bound: A Wisconsin Beer-grimage (Part 1)

This summer marks this one-year anniversary of the founding of the Free Beer Movement. Last summer, while back home, FBM Founder Dan re-ignited the original idea that free beer can open Americans to the beauty of soccer.

FBM HQ is in Austin, Texas, but the heart and soul of it comes from the land of beer and cheese, Wisconsin. Born and raised in Madison and having lived in the original beer capital of the United States, Milwaukee, the FBM has been heavily influenced by the great tastes of Midwest brews.

Unfortunately, some of our all-time favorite beers are unavailable in Texas and, thusly, a journey home was necessary (oh, and to see family, that is important, too). Mr. and Mrs. FBM and the FBM Dog packed their backs and headed home for a Wisconsin "Beer-grimage".

For those of you who follow us on Twitter or check out our Facebook page we've uploaded ALL of the different beers that we've ever drank and you can check out each Wisco-brew (and all the older ones) there.

Oh, why, thank you!

Despite the late-night arrival there was still time for a beer.
Our all-time favorite:
Lakefront Brewery's
"Lakefront Stein" Amber Lager (Milwaukee, WI)

World's Largest Six-Pack at City Brewery (La Crosse, WI)

Facts. Get it? It's big.

Like my six-pack?

King Gambrinus (outside of City Brewery), considered the patron saint
of brewing and the "King of Beers" (take that Budweiser!)

King(s) of Beer? Your call.

This might be the most awesome picture I've ever taken.
(At City Brewery's Brewhouse)

Uhhh.... just like the sign says. (At Pearl Street Brewery's Tasting Room. La Crosse, WI)

Pearl Street Pale Ale

The brewery.

Where the good stuff is held.

Mrs. and Mr. FBM, Badasses Incorporated.

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