Friday, July 30, 2010

Goal Celebrations: Which One Is the Best Ever?

This past week saw a hilariously inventive goal celebration burst across the Inter-Net-Blogo-Sphere. Stjarnan faced Fylkir in Iceland's top league. Halldor Orri's tallies the penalty kick and goes fishing:

This led us to fondly remember a lot of great goal celebrations that we've seen over the years.  We're partial to Robbie Fowler's "coke snort" celebration and Clint Dempsey's "home run" celebration when he impersonated Babe Ruth from the grassed-over home plate spot at RFK Stadium (where the Washington Nationals used to play), but there's tons of great ones out there.

Our all-time favorite?

DC United's Alecko Eskandarian scores twice against the newly re-minted Red Bulls New York back in 2006. As he runs towards the sideline to celebrate, one of his teammates tosses him a can of the energy drink which he pops open, takes a swig of, and prompty spits it all over the place in disgust. A awesome slap in the face to the New York side. Major League Soccer didn't take to kindly to Eskandarian's hijinks and fined him.

Here's a few more (choppy video, but you can make out some quality ones):

That leads us to asking you, dear readers/followers, what are you favorite goal celebrations?

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